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Apr 10, 2008 11:13 AM


I've recently been spending a lot of time in the Upper East Side, just a few blocks from the famous Elaine's. I've never eaten there and it seems like it's not the trendy spot it once was. Has anyone been there lately? Is it worth checking out? Or is it just coasting on its old reputation these days?

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  1. I've been curious too - but this put me off even further:

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      I was there about a month ago for the first time since i have lived in the City for 12 years. Have to say it was a lot better than I thought it would be. The scene itself is worth going for. When you order, they will make anything you want even if it is not on the menu. I say go......just once...for fun.

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        We may well, one day! It seems horribly expensive though for perhaps not so great food. I try to limit those outings to when the in-laws visit, but I don't think Elaine's would be their kind of scene.

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          Oh - meant to ask - what did you eat?

      2. Elaine's reputation is that of mediocre food, high prices, but still a celebrity hangout.

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          so true. I am a huge foodie and Elaines is not where you go for great food...just to have a fun night. There were 5 of us at dinner, the appetizers were salads and fried calamari. Dinners were all different kinds of pasta and I had a grilled salmon with vegetables (not on the menu). I had a drag queen at the table next to me, Tony Danza 2 tables away and a few members from the cast of the Sopranos were there. Oh...Elaine herself came around and she is sweet too. Good fun.