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Apr 10, 2008 11:07 AM

HELP with lychee ice cream...

Does anyone know where I can buy yummy lychee ice cream like the one they sell at Larry's Homemade Ice Cream in Dupont Circle??

That place has simply the best ice cream but is hard for me to get to and I was also hoping to buy in bulk--well like a few pints or so since I love the light but fruity flavors they have there...

Does anyone know if restaurants or some markets carry the Larrys Homemade Ice Cream brand or a similar but just as yummy lychee ice cream I can find?


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  1. Odds are if lychee ice cream is to found anywhere, it would be at one of the local Asian markets. (Aside from the big ones out in Falls Church or beyond, there's a few on Columbia Pike starting with the one next to Thai 54.)

    I'll check for you on my next shopping trip.

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      If you decide to go to an Asian market, especially one featuring Filipino specialties, you have to see if they have Purple Yam ice cream. Awesome!

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        I always look at Great Wall but they never have it and I dont recall seeing it at Super H mart last time either :(

      2. Not sure where you're located, but York Castle Tropical Ice Cream at 9324 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring has great lychee ice cream.

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          Can someone remind what the must try flavor is at York Castle, perhaps brought over from Gifford's? I read about it in an earlier thread that had parts deleted -- or I can't find it.

          Was it peach?? Thanks.

        2. I was recently at the Asian markets and saw the flavors red bean, green mung bean, taro, mango, green tea, but unfortunately no lychee.

          I would try making your own in an ice cream maker and adding canned lychees to a vanilla based ice cream recipe. It may be easier just to visit Larry's.