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Apr 10, 2008 11:05 AM

Restaurant near S Maria della Grazie, Milano?

I have a Friday 2:45 PM booking to see the Last Supper at the church of Santa Maria della Grazie in Milan. Will spend the morning touring the Castello Sforza. Anyone know of a good restaurant near the church or en route from the Castello to the church? They are 2 in the neighborhood listed in the Michelin guide - Artidoro at Via Camperio 15 and Stendhal Antica Osteria, via Ancona, 1 angolo via San Marco. Both are 1 forker's. Anyone familiar with them? Even a good wood-burning oven pizza restaurant would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Stendhal has a nice brunch but I have never eaten lunch or dinner there. They have a good menu though and I'm sure you would have a nice lunch. I don't know how you are getting around Milan but Stendhal is fairly close to the castle (aprox. 10 minute walk) but not really near the Last Supper.

    For good woodburning pizza you can't go wrong with either Sibilla (Via Mercato 14) or Gambarotta (Moscova 50) I wouldn't eat anything but pizza at Sibilla but I would eat anything on the menu at Gambarotta. Both are within walking distance of the castle. Gambarotta is a block away from the green line metro.

    Now to really answer your question Da Giacomino on (Via Sant'Agnese 14) about a 10 minute walk from the church has a nice lunch that's along the lines of Stendahl though the latter might be just a little better.

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      Grazie, badwaiter. I was hoping I'd see a reply from you as I have read all your Milan posts with interest.

      According to Via Michelin walking directions (we always like to walk if we can), a direct shot from the Castello to Santa Maria is about 22 minutes. Although Stendhal is a little off the most direct route, Via Michelin says that walking from the Castello to Stendhal is about 12 minutes and from Stendhal to S Maria is about another 14 minutes. Does that sound right to you? Good to know that the food is good there. I'll check out Ganmbarotta and Da Giocomino also.

      What other Milan restaurants do you particularly favor? I'm looking for smaller family type trattorias with authentic cooking. Preferably within walking distance (30 minutes or less from the Duomo; we're staying at the De La Ville.) I've been looking at Trattoria Milanese, L'Assassino, Hosteria Borremei, Nabucco, Papa Francesco, Alla Colline Pistoiese. I'm kiooking at Don Carlos for one more upscale splurge. And of course Luini for its famous panzerotti. So many restaurants and so little time!

      Mille grazie per le informazione. Ciao.

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        Walking is no problem in Milan. I looked up the distance from Stendahl to Santa Maria on It's very helpful for Italy because you can search by walking distance too. It said 1.8 KM.

        If you've read my other posts you know some of my favorites already. Some of the places you've mentioned above don't really fit the bill of family-type trattoria but the closest is probably Trattoria Milanese. It's good and authentic but you'll probably see many of the same menu items as Stendahl. Colline Pistoiese is tuscan and I think you might like that. Nabucco is in a great spot right in the heart of Brera and they treat you right there. It's a little touristy but the food is good. It's also fairly similar to Stendahl and Trattoria Milanese. They all specialize in Milanese food. Don Carlos is out of my league price-wise, Papa Francesco is right by the Galleria but it is very touristy and the menu isn't that great. I've walked by it a million times but never eaten there. I have heard good things about L'Assassino but never ventured over there. My friend who ate there said it was a bit "trendy" which could mean a lot of things but I took away that it was more of a see and be seen kind of place. A few other recomendations that I can vouch for.
        Alla Cucina delle Langhe (Corso Como 6) The food is from Piedmont and the closest you are going to get to Cuneo or Alba in Milan. Very good.

        Osteria dei Poeti (Corso Garibaldi 40) This place is right along the lines of a classic trattoria. All locals and it fills up every single night. The prices are very reasonable.

        Lastly, a good lunch-only place near the Duomo is the Latteria di Via Unione (via Unione 6) not to be confused with the Latteria on San Marco. This place is vegetarian which for Italy basically means there's no secondi but the pasta is good and it's a fun spot for lunch.

        I hope you enjoy your trip.

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          Mille grazie, badwaiter. On your advice and after some research, I've scratched Papa Francesco and even Don Carlos off my list. I kept L'Assassino (also Tuscan) which I had read some good things about and because they often serve fritto misto di pesce, my favorite. My must-eats now include La Milanese, L'Assassino, Hostaria Borromei (I decided to do this one instead of Stendhal; it's only an 11 minute walk from the Castello and a short taxi ride to S Maria delle Grazie. I had to fit it in somehow!)), Alla Cucina della Langhe, Da Giocomo, Nabucco, and Al Pont de Ferr. Like I said, too little time... But I will eat and drink well in Milan! Thanks also for you best wishes for out trip. After Milan, we venture to Bologna and then to Bellagio.

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            Dear Badwaiter, I read your rewiws of Papà Francesco restaurant in Milano and I think you probably made a mistake. I'm the owner of Papà Francesco restaurant in Milano and it's almost 2 year we have outside a wintergarden. Unfortunatly the wintergarden it's a big structure and close to us there is a Bar that started to prepare food, I mean they buy precooked food ,they put in microwave and they served to customer. Many customer think to go to Papà Francesco's restaurant but they made mistake and they go to the bar..of course the menù it's different and quality also.
            So, advise everyone to see the sign "Papà Francesco Ristorante" and come in to try it.
            Best regards

            Paolo Bonomo

            1. re: badwaiter

              I have only just seen this web site but could not pass without a comment.
              I have eaten in many restaurants in Milan but I ALWAYS return to Papa Francesco. The food is as delightful as the wonderful family that do such a great job in both culinary and hospitality areas of the restaurant.

            2. re: drbbaldwin

              Try Il salernitano on the corner of Via Tadino and Via Vitruvio. It isn't close to the Duomo, and it's nearer the station, but I walk from the Duomo to there all the time (Down Via del corso and through the public gardens.) You can study the awesome architecture along the way, stopping at Chiesa di San Bilbo, and also the oldest standing house in Milan, from 1472. It's an office building now, but during the day,. although the front door is locked, the side doors are open and you can stand inside the courtyard and imagine how it was to live in those times.
              Il salernitano is a family place that has been around about 40 years. Fish is their specialty, although I frequently order the ossobuco and it's excellent. Start off with a carpaccio di pesce misto. I have not found much great pizza in Milan, but there is a place I love called Pizzeria Gaffurio at Via gaffurio no. 8. Tell Aldo the Spano brothers sent you, and he will take good care of you. the place is a neighborhood spot and it's also a tavola calda and you can get a few pastas that Aldo and his sister make each day.The owner, Aldo Russo, is an old time Neapolitan who bakes his pizzas in a brick oven fired with wood, which is getting harder to find. Off corso Buenos Aires is a place called Sabattini which I don';t think is quite as good as Salernitano, but it is good and it has a wide range of dishes. Gaffurio is open on sunday, which is good to know, since food is hard to find on sundays. I can't recall Salernitano's closing days.

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                So very close to S. Maria delle Grazie, that we coudl say it is into the church (!), there is GLI ORTI DI LEONARDO, very elegant and very good, but expensive.