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Apr 10, 2008 11:04 AM

Lunch at 26 Beach Cafe

I am going to this cafe for a friend's birthday lunch on Saturday. As I am a foodie and indecisive (bad combo, trust me!!) I started researching the place already. I noticed that some Hounds like the place (mentions of salads and burgers) but no specific things that you like the best. I only wonder because some of the choices (esp burger choices) are very interesting (burger w/ ceasar dressing, goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes, and even curry!) and could be very wrong. . .

Any recs for specific items on their menu?

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  1. It's a very big and diverse menu, which invites the diner to order whatever they like. This approach works fine for the most part--I've never been displeased with any salad or burger I've ordered there. I tend to go for burgers or salads because they do a really top job with these, whereas the entrees have been more hit and miss (plenty of hits, more than a few misses) and I'm not sure I could name anything on the entree menu that I'd hold up as "best in the city" whereas the burgers and salads are top-notch.

    My favorite burgers are the Bombay (yes, the curry works), the Hickory, and the patty melt, but I think that's a function of what I like on a burger, and if you happen to like chili burgers or green-chile or pizza-sauce burgers more, you'll be perfectly happy at 26 Beach. Favorite salads include ginger salmon and caesar chicken: their caesar salad dressing is good but it is pretty strong, and they tend to use a lot of it on both salads and the Caesar Burger, so be advised. Also don't forget to check the interesting beverage selection, alcoholic and non.

    26 Beach
    3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

    1. If you love french toasts, the brunch menu is outrageous! I love the peaches and cream french toast or the go bananas, the portugese royal is an island treat. The breakfast sandwich is really good.

      1. French burger really good. All burgers really good. Salads good. And last weekend I was spontaneously moved to order the seafood pasta and it was surprisingly good.

        1. i love many of their salads, and am especially fond of their tuscan salad.

          1. I like the ribs and french fries, but that may be too heavy for lunch. I like the salads!

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              I used to like this salad that was sort of like a Chinese chicken salad with asparagus. It had a sesame dressing that was tasty.