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Apr 10, 2008 11:00 AM

Outdoor dining near BAM

Heading to BAM tonight to see Paul Simon (!) and I friend and I were hoping to get an early dinner. The show starts at 8 and we likely won't meet much before 5:45 or 6. Is there anything close enough by foot that has outdoor dining? If not, we're thinking about Cafe Lafayette or abistro. Any thoughts between the two? Thanks!

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  1. i think abistro is your best bet. despite my negarive pre suppositions, the show was excellent last night, by the way. enjoy!

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      and the show was excellent last night as well! i wish i had realized that abistro had outdoor seating, that was where we were intending to go but the good weather changed our minds. we ended up at stonehome where we sat in the garden shared a good rose and a some charcuterie and cheeses.

    2. I would second Stonehome. Also had a great meal at Olea, not sure about outside seating but they have great live music!