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Apr 10, 2008 10:56 AM

Sunday lunch in Washington?

I'd appreciate some thoughts on a Sunday lunch somewhere close to the Verizon Center. I am not looking for "brunch," which I typically find to be too much, too fast. Central was my choice but it's open only for dinner on Sundays. I'm hoping for a place with a really outstanding burger (eg: Central).

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  1. Well of course there is a Five Guys near there and Matchbox is open and they have mini-burgers. Matchbox also serves brunch until 3pm, so you should call and double check to see if you can get the regular menu as well.

    I imagine neither is at the same level as Central's burger (I've never tried it personally) but they are still burger options.

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      Yes, Matchbox offeres their entire menu during brunch. So you can get their popular mini-burgers and a pizza, or just go for the entree sized burger.

    2. Oh I love the sliders at Matchbox they are really good. I always get a friend to go there with me and split the order of 3 sliders and a pizza for my splurge day! Def go to Matchbox for burgers as much as I like Five Guys no comparison.

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        Your "Splurge Day"...I love that!!

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          Oh gosh yes I don't want anyone to tell me the amount of calories I eat when I eat burgers and pizza in one sitting there, it has to be out of this world (please no one tell me, please I mean it). But it is sooo good. The sliders are up there with Charlie Palmer's sliders (only available at their bar), but not as good as a Tallula burger (big size not the bite ones). I haven't had the burger at Central I feel I waste a trip to Central for a burger since I don't get to eat there that often.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            Ya I agree. When we go to Central if we get a burger it will be the lobster burger or something along those lines.

            I have Splurge Days as well...and at times, I have Splurge Weeks :) lol

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              Splurge weeks are the best... They don't happen often for me, but when they do oh it is so bad in a really good way.

              1. re: ktmoomau

                Restaurant Week = Splurge Week for me!

      2. if you aren't hard over on a burger, maybe think about Full Key? Their Shrimp dumpling soup is a bit of nirvana. If there are 2 of you, you could each get a bowl of soup and share an entree. Just another idea and close...