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Apr 10, 2008 10:47 AM

Pho Places other than Golden Deli

Golden Deli is my go to place for pho (except on Wednesdays when they're closed as I learned the hard way yesterday, haha). I've been to Vietnam House across the street which isn't bad (the only times I've been there is when I go to Golden Deli and find that it's closed). I was wondering what are other good pho options since I've noticed so many other Vietnamese places in SGV. Golden Deli will probably always be my favorite but I thought it might be good to see what else is out there!

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  1. Pho 79 on Garfield near Main. I've been going there since their original location on Main St years ago and they've always been solid for pho

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    1. re: Ernie

      Pho 79 is better thank GD in my book.

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          ;-) Apparently it is a book that has a lot of typos in it!

    2. Vietnam Restaurant a few blocks east of Golden Deli on Las Tunas is very good. It is owned by one of the sons of the Golden Deli owners.

      It's pretty much on par with Golden Deli food wise and the ambiance/cleanliness is much better than Golden Deli.

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      1. re: wakko11

        Are you kidding about Vietnam House? That place is GD's dirty, ugly step sister with an acne problem. Last time I went there there was a nice greasy film on the tables and I swear GD's dining tables and chairs went to Vietnam House to die after the GD remodel. Also the last time I went there, on a Wednesday, the pho tasted bland and I was mixing the smell of basil with the smell of bathroom cleaner which made my bland pho taste like the bottom of the tidy bowel.

        1. re: misseatalot

          I believe you have confused the two restaurants. Vietnam Restaurant is located on 340 W. Las Tunas. Vietnam House is located 710 W. Las Tunas. Vietnam Restaurant is indeed much nicer and run by one of the siblings of the Golden Deli clan. Vietnam House is rather lacking in ambience.

      2. The Pho 79 in Alhambra beats Golden Deli in my book.

        1. Not necessarily pho (they have it, I just have never had it) but some damn tasty bun can be had at My Hanh, 9611 Garvey, South El Monte, next to where El Taco Nazo used to be in the little plaza on the north side of the street.

          1. I'd vote for either Pho 79 (Garfield and Main) or Pho Superbowl. Saigon Eden supposedly uses the same recipes as Pho 79, but the last few times we've been there, we've been less than impressed with the food.

            I personally like Pho Superbowl, but they have a far more limited menu than Pho 79. Here's some more info about Pho Superbowl.

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              Second on Pho Superbowl and they take credit cards.

              1. re: raytamsgv

                I like Pho Superbowl more than GD, Vietnam House, and Pho 79, but will concede that they have a smaller menu than the other three.