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Apr 10, 2008 10:35 AM

Habit (Vancouver, Modern Canadian Cuisine, Pictures)

I have to tell you right off the bat...our visit to Habit was a huge disappointment. I had high hopes - it had good press, proven people, nice room, etc. My wife and I both came away feeling like we wasted our time there.

The room itself is nicely designed. The designers (I hear that they used the same design firm as the Glowbal group of restaurants) were going for a Canadiana theme - sort of like a cabin in the woods rendered graphically.

The service was excellent, but it was the food that let this place down. The unsophisticated spicing and flavouring gave all the dishes we tried an unbalanced one note simplicity. The presentation was just fine, but I can't help comparing it to my lunch at Stella's that same day. The food at Stella's was tasty despite the haphazard plating - and it weighed in at nearly half the price as similar dishes at Habit.

We ordered the lamb skewers ($15), smoked tuna salad ($11 - and you get 4 thin little slices of the tuna on limp lettuce), deep fried hoisin-glazed tofu ($9). For dessert, we had the crumble ($?). While none of these dishes I would consider acid tests for this particular kind of restaurant, I believe that it did give me a fair survey of what to expect if I ordered the other dishes. IMO, they are pricing themselves well beyond the quality the kitchen was able to deliver. Perhaps they were having a bad evening back there.

Based on my one experience at Habit...I probably will not go back. Poor value for the money. I say "pass" on Habit.

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    1. fmed, not sure how anyone can keep up with the pace of your restaurant visits and subsequent posts, but great to see so many based in Vancouver! I past this general area (intersection around E. Broadway, Main, Kingsway) twice this past week. But had to do a search to find out exactly where this place was. Sounds like one to throw away, appreciate the heads up warning.

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      1. re: jay_kay

        >> fmed, not sure how anyone can keep up with the pace of your restaurant visits

        I go in bursts. I may slow down for a while, actually.

      2. Noooo! I'm sorry you had a bad experience there. I've just been once myself, but I adored every single morsel that went in my mouth. Read my review on my blog, if you wish.

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        1. re: lotuskitty

          I don't know. The food just did not satisfy. I felt like I knew where they were trying to go with it, but they missed the mark. Believe me, I really tried to like it.

        2. I believe the owners ARE the designer for Sanafir.

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          1. re: kwailan4

            >>I believe the owners ARE the designer for Sanafir.

            Do they also run Evoke International Design?

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              Just answered my own question. "Yes" - They are partners with Wendy Nicolay and Nigel Pike. Their restaurant portfolio includes: Figmint, Sanafir, Cascade, House of Blues, Glowbal, Coast. Certainly the room is well designed...I have no issues with that.

          2. I have to agree. Cool room, but definitely overpriced.