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chocolate/ fruit gift basket

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Hello Hounds!
I would like to send a gift basket to my grandmother-in-law in honour of her 90th birthday - she lives in Montreal (i don't!) - wondering if you have suggestions for a) chocolate shop that delivers OR b) somewhere that puts together fruit/goodie gift baskets... She loooooves chocolate and I assume other treats as well!
all best!
--pumpkinsoup :D

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  1. Sunsource does some really nice gift baskets with dried fruit, nuts and chocolate. That's just off the top of my head, I'm sure others will have more suggestions.

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      Definitely a good idea because unlike edible arrangements, it doesn't have to be eaten within a day or so. Not to mention their chocolate covered figs and cherries are amazing.

    2. I was recently the very lucky recipient of a fantastic fresh-fruit/chocolate-dipped fruit basket from Edible Arrangements. It was incredible. They have a few branches across the island (as well as elsewhere):


      If you need help choosing a location, let us know where she lives in Montreal and I can help you pick an outlet closest to her!

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        Thanks moosemeat and kpzoo! - I just checked out edible arrangements' website - beautiful!!!! thanks again!!! :D