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Apr 10, 2008 10:22 AM

Coffee Roasters who supply chain grocers

I'm trying to track down Peerless coffee beans. Could swear I bought them at a local seldom-visited Von's in my town, just before Christmas. Then in January, I tried to get more, but the bin display was gone, and SafewaySelect was in its place. No one at the store has been able to tell me. I emailed Peerless, and they don't list Safeway as a retailer. (Nor anywhere else near me)

They make a very decent decaf dark roast, rich but not bitter. So hard to find decent decaf, but Doc says I must. (I'd prefer not to mail order it.)

Does anyone know who supplies the coffee for Von's/Safeway Select brand?

Since Safeway is headquartered in the Bay Area, I'm thinking it might be one of the big roasters there.


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  1. Can't help you with the Vons source but I can give a recommendation for an excellent decaf dark french roast - Capricorn Coffees - 353 Tenth Street San Fran 415-621-8500. Not sure if they do any retail outlets though.

    There are a couple others that roast in San Fran but I can't remember specific names right now.

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      thanks--I'm not close enough to the BA to try theirs--but I'll file that away should I visit SF.

    2. As I recall you are in SLO county. The local Foods for Less has Peerless Coffee as does our SLO Scolari's. Both at about $ 7 a pound.

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