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Apr 10, 2008 10:06 AM

Sports bar in downtown LA?

Tickets fell through for the Lakers game this Sunday -- we are staying in the downtown LA area -- any fun sports bars in the downtown area.

Decent food, good TV viewing?

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  1. Only sports bar I know is Grand Avenue Sports Bar behind the Biltmore. Wings and nachos type of place, but a lot of screens.

    Pete's on 4th and Main has good food and a HD screen at the bar.

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    1. re: martyR

      Grand Ave. closed recently. I believe it's going to be an Italian pasta joint of some sort.

      1. re: martyR

        Pete's isn't bad... the food is alright, but it's pretty expensive.

        I haven't been to Busby's, but I hear that might be a good place. I usually go to HMS Bounty in Koreatown where you'll have a good time, but the tvs are small and the bar is crowded.

      2. Just go to Staples early and stake out a table at the Fox Sports Sky Box right there at the arena:

        1. Yeah, with Trifecta closed and Grand Ave Sports Bar closed, I send a lot of people to Fox Sports Bar at the Staples Center. I don't know if the Yardhouse is planning on positioning themselves as a sport bar when they open at L.A. Live later this year.

          Remember, scalping tickets is illegal, and you shouldn't walk to Olympic to pick them up there from a stranger.

          People come to Casey's looking for a sports bar, but it's really an Irish pub, so we don't usually have the sound on our 7 televisions, except for the big games (a dozen times a year). We show a good mix of European and American sports.

          --Jake Tringali
          Casey's Irish Bar and Grill

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          1. re: gtring

            Ah, I just looked up the L.A. Live information, and there will be an ESPN Zone, set to open in October 2008. Won't help you for this weekend, but perhaps will help future chowhounds searching for 'downtown' and 'sports'.

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              Not really a "sports" bar per se, but the Liberty Grill is a nice place to hang out before and during Lakers games.

              Although, with Sunday's game being a midday matinee, the notion of watching it at a sports bar seems kind of odd.


          2. The Palm right across the street.

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              The Palm is not typically open for lunch on weekends. Only weekdays.

            2. Flower Street Café & Sports Bar is close to my work but I don't go there (and cannot comment on its food), well, because of the sports on all the tv's and karaoke. Not that there's anything wrong with either of those, just not for me:

              Flower Street Café & Sports Bar
              811 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 120
              Los Angeles, CA 90017
              (213) 623-4777

              Entrance is on Flower just north of Wilshire

              "Watch all your favorite sports while you enjoy a pleasant restaurant atmosphere. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, we have 9 big screen TVs and something on the menu for everyone. Breakfast, lunch, Happy Hour, dinner or just getting together with friends, you're always welcome at Flower Street Café & Sports Bar.

              Karaoke Thursday and Friday nights!"


              WBR Underground is also close to my work but I don't go there (see above


              505 S Flower Street, Suite B-410
              Los Angeles 90071
              hours: mon - fri 11am - 2am
              SAT - SUN CLOSED (but, rumor has it, that could change…keep checking back!)

              "Welcome to the Weiland Brewery Underground. An American Bistro in Downtown Los Angeles featuring late night dining until 1:30am with a full Bar, great beer selection and over 100 of the best wines California has to offer. We are conveniently located, underground, in the City National Bank Building. Parking is accessible from either 5th Street or Flower Street. We offer a full bar with plasma TV's for our sports fans. Come visit us for our delicious food and don't forget to to indulge in one of our Weiland specialty brews, including Honey Blonde Lager,India Pale Ale, Amber Ale and our Hefenweizen. Join us for our Early and Late Happy Hours! Our two Happy Hours are from 3pm-7pm and 10pm-1:30am. Discounts on Food and Drink!"


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              1. re: yinyangdi

                Flower Street Cafe closed a few months ago. It is currently undergoing renovation to emerge as a Maria's Italian Kitchen. (I think that's the name.)

                1. re: yinyangdi

                  I'm not a regular, but I go fairly often. Weiland's is decent for sports, but it's a bit rough tilting your head up that high sometimes. The beers are cheap during happy hour ($2.50) and they've got some pretty darn good garlic fries. Under 5th/Flower.