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Apr 10, 2008 09:34 AM

On My Own 1st Night of JazzFest, Rec's for a Bar Dinner?

I'm on my own for the first night (of the first weekend) of JazzFest and have an idea that I'd like to eat a nice meal sitting at a bar in a fancy restaurant (also sipping Sazerac's). What would be your recommendation? Price isn't necessarily an object, since this is vacation. Noisy tourists or an overcrowded/too-noisy bar is a no-no. Something walkable from Canal near St. Charles would be perfect.

Thanks, in advance, oh wise 'hounds!


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  1. 1- Peristyle. Great bar. Great bartenders. Nice food (though I would stick with the appetizers, I've had some disappointing entree's). Should not be crowded, touristy, or noisy.

    2- Bombay Club. Though I've never eaten here, food is supposed to be good. May get a little crowded later, but not noisy or touristy. Usually a jazz trio or piano player. Great bar.

    3- Delachaise. Take the street car down St. Charles. Go early. Will get crowded, noisy and smokey the later it gets. But not touristy. Awesome food! Great wine and top shelf liquor.

    1. Herbsaint, Cafe Giovanni, Maximos... VERY small booths for 2 (well suited for 1) but you can most likely dine at the bar..

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      1. OK, so it's not walking distance, but you can take the streetcar all the way to riverbend (St. Charles & Carrollton) and eat at ONE Restaurant & Lounge. They've got a great food bar with 5-6 seats overlooking their kitchen and the food is very good. Taking the streetcar from Canal to Riverbend will be a great way to see the city, and since the sun doesn't go down until after 7:00, you could see most of the city on your way to a great dinner.

        1. Luke would be good, Bourbon House, Cochon (short cab ride) and Emerils all have nice bar areas to sit at.

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            I second Bourbon House. Ralph's on the Park has a very nice bar that you can eat at, although it's not in walking distance.

          2. I'd go for Herbsaint - can get noisy around 8, tho. Nix Bourbon House - good, but definitely noisy and touristy. Cochon - good choice but gets noisy later, cool atmosphere, nice but not fancy. Perhaps Cuvee?