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Apr 10, 2008 09:32 AM

Beijing Style Bolognese (ZhaJiang Mian)

Does anyone know where to get this in NYC? I just came back from BJ and am craving for this dish?

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  1. I've never had it myself but I've heard that you can get a lackluster version of it at New Green Bo and a good version at King 5 Noodle in Flushing. I bet some of the mall stalls in Flushing have it too. And of course a lot of Korean places such as Hyo Dong Gak on 35 street have the Korean-Chinese version. see

    1. I never heard of this dish before, but it sure does look yummy here:
      I wonder if a beef version is made anywhere in NYC??

      1. In Chinatown, I discovered a noodle dish that I like called "noodles in Peking sauce" at Excellent Dumpling House about 18 years ago, and I go by there now and again and find that they haven't changed much. I just looked at the chinese character on the menu for it: 炸醬麵 -- zhajiang mian. It just dawned on me after I saw the photo on the Wikipedia page that it looks like the noodles I've always developed a liking for.
        In Elmhurst, there's a noodle dish similar to this at Lao Bei Fong dumpling house. I'll check the menu for the Chinese character for that too.

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          I agree that in a pinch, Excellent Dumpling House serves a passable and good zhajiang main. In fact, your post encouraged me to try it today (it's been a while). Still good.

        2. I've had decent Zha Jiang Mian at Yeah Shanghai on Bayard St., but I doubt it will rival what you're used to in Beijing.

          1. On the West Coast this dish is ubiquitous in Korean style Chinese restaurants, and only found in those restaurants. I suspect Koreatown might be your best bet.

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              I think what kelea is looking for is a bit different than the Korean-Chinese hybrid. I've had both styles, preferring the hybrid you mentioned.

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                as said above, hyo dong gak does have the korean version of zha jiang mian and its pretty decent

                all of the places ive tried it at in ctown are really bad versions (the real deal is awesome)

                try posting on the outer boards b/c im sure you can find better in flushing although off the top of my head i cant think of anywhere