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Apr 10, 2008 09:09 AM

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo Coming to Torrance Mitsuwa

For four days only there will be a special presentation of fresh fish from the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo at the Mitsuwa in Torrance. There will be over 20 different types of fish flown in from Tsukiji for the event and they are also flying in a fishmonger from the market.

If you are into seafood, come and check it out. The event will be held from Friday, April 18th to Monday, April 21st.

As you know, Tsukiji is the world's largest fish market in the heart of Tokyo.

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  1. Thank you for posting! We will be there!

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    1. re: Vince S

      Ask for Shinji-san, the fishmonger from Tsukiji Market. He will be able to walk you through the different types of fish and make suggestions for how to cook them. Enjoy!

    2. Just returned from Japan and a morning at Tsukiji. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. Thanks for the heads up Yukari. :)

        Just to clarify, but it seems like they will only be filleting the fish for you (to take home), right? No "live sushi eating on the spot" sort of thing? :)

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        1. re: exilekiss

          Looks like it will not be "sushi on the spot" for fresh seafood to take home. If Shinji-san, the fishmonger from Tokyo, is not too busy, I imagine he will cut it up for you sashimi style.

          I got a sneak preview of the fish that they are hoping to have. Of course, it depends on what is fresh at Tsukiji when they go to purchase, but it is all domestic fish from Japan including the following:

          Some fresh tuna (I believe yellowtail and bluefin)

          All natural buri (yellowtail) from Miyazaki - sashimi (fatty, great for fans of oo-toro) or grilled with salt

          Sazae (turban wreath shell) from Nagasaki - grill on the BBQ

          Masaba (mackerel) from Niigata - sashimi (rich flavor)

          Tai (sea bream) from Ehime - excellent for sashimi (light) or I suggest grilling it with salt, and then putting it into the rice cooker before you cook your rice. When the rice is cooked, remove the bones and skin from the fish and then incorporate the fish into the rice. Add salt to taste.

          Kinmedai (alfonsino) from Shizuoka - this delicate fish in Japan is often used for simmer dishes in a dashi broth with soy sauce, mirin, and sake. Will be great for classic French preparations.

          Hotate (scallops) from Miyazaki - sashimi or sauteed with butter

          Tobiuo (flying fish) from Tokyo - lightly grilled with salt, or I would deep-fry it and serve it up with sake or beer

          Isaki (grunt) from Fukuoka - sashimi, grilled, meuniere, or deep-fried

          Kanpachi (amberjack) from Kagoshima - teriyaki

          As well as yariika (squid), sawara (Japanese Spanish mackerel), mebaru (rock cod), akanamako, kamasu (barracuda), chikodai, shima-aji.

          And of course, they have selected fish that are in season right now.

          I wish I could be there! Please enjoy the seafood for me. This will be some of the best from Tsukiji Market! It will be brought in fresh on Thursday and a second batch flown in on Friday - won't get much fresher than this.

          1. re: Yukari

            Greetings Yukari!...You seem to have an intimate knowledge of this event. Do you have any indications that something like this will be conducted at the Mitsuwa NJ branch at some point?

            1. re: Silverjay

              Hisashiburi Silverjay! They are looking at doing an event this summer - and it should be bigger than the one in Torrance as there is more space available. Will definitely let you know if/when it happens. Will be worth the trip to get some top-quality fish unavailable in the U.S.A.

            2. re: Yukari

              What a beautiful buyer's guide. I'm especially impressed with your preparation suggestions.

              That was very generous of you to do that. Thank you!

          2. OHHHH wow I'll have to drive out there for this.