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CSA's in RI

I am thinking of buying a share in one this summer. Anyone have any experiences with particular farms they would care to share?

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  1. I am pretty sure that Manic Organic, in Portsmouth, is the only one in the state:


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    1. There are a great number of CSA's in RI please go visit www.farmfreshri.org there you will find a list of 20 or so farms. There will also be addresses, contact numbers and even links to farm websites. Manic Organic is great but they are not the only one. You can even get fresh organic meats and many if not all of them are selling in various farmer's markets across the state.

      1. Simon's Farm is great. Check out FarmFreshRI.org for info!

        1. I have a CSA share with Ledge End's Produce; I pick up our stuff at a location in Providence each week, and you can also pick up at the farm in East Greenwich. Everything is wonderful, tons of it, and you can get corn, fruit and flower shares too.


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            I did a share w/ Ledge End's last year, and wasn't really thrilled. The food was good and plentiful, but I found it difficult to communicate with them when I needed to. I was going to shop around for another one for this season, and was considering Four Friends. I have purchased from both Manic Organic and Simmons Farm at farmers markets, and the quality has always been wonderful, but I wanted something closer to me.

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              I also did a share with Ledge End Farm. This was our second year. I was a little dissapointed in the quantity of the produce we received this year. What we got was delicious and of excellent but it semed much le than the previous year. I also foud commnication difficult. We are also looking for another CSA this year.

          2. If you're looking for one with pickup in Providence, I strongly recommend Scratch Farm. They're terrific farmers and the CSA is abundant and well-run. Twey have a website at www.scratchfarm.com, and you can find information on them at farmfresh.org.

            1. I am buying into wishing stone farm, based on the recommendation of several people who have tried a few CSA's here and found them to be the best.

              Pickup is at their farm, in Barrington, and in Providence. They use a debit system in Providence, which would work out great for me, and no picking work is required

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                We've tried both Wishing Stone and Ledge Ends. Ledge Ends actually encouraged us to eat more locally, since there's less choice involved. You just get a certain amount of each vegetable that's available that week. There is a swapping bin, where you can leave things you don't want and take something else, but we ended up learning how to cook and like more vegetables: baby turnips, celery root, kohl rabi, etc.

                Wishing Stone was more convenient, however, since it's like shopping at a regular farmers' market with a debit account. You can skip a week, you can buy only the vegetables you know you like, and they have local grass-fed ground beef. You just have to keep in mind how much you're spending each week, so you come out even at the end of the summer.

              2. Thanks for all the suggestions. Right now I am deciding between Cedar Edge and Simmons, in large part because I need a pick up in the vicinity of Providence and would prefer it be on or near the weekend, since my wife and I do our meal planning and shopping on Saturday or Sunday.

                I see several folks like Simmons. Anyone here tried Cedar Edge?

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                  I have tried other CSA's before and came across Cedar Edge Farm last season and loved it! You can pick up in Johnston (right outside of Providence) or in Richmond RI at the town hall. There is so much variety that they offer, certified organic (vegetables, fruits, and flowers), they give you options (not boxed - you pick up what you want like at a farmers' market), the quality is superb, and my family has truly enjoyed the CSA that Cedar Edge has offered. I signed up again for this upcoming season.

                  If anyone is interested, they are on FarmFreshri.org as well as www.cedaredgefarm.com

                2. Ledge End produce has amazing quality and variety. They're raspberries were great this summer, beautiful celery root and their leeks are unbelieveable.

                  Wishingstone farms also has good quality but more of your standard items. Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers etc... They do have nice leaf lettuce. The owner? Skip takes some getting used to.

                  Cedar Edge is also great for produce. Awesome cooking greens and one of the few places to get local melons.