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Tapas-style menus

The girls and I are looking for a restaurant that serves small portions made for sharing. We loved Lee and The Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar and we are looking for the same type of thing. Any recommendations?

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  1. strongly recommend torito on Augusta.

        1. And also Kultura & Nyood.
          And Eleven - but that one has some opening issues that don't seem to be fully resolved.

          1. Doesn't Chiado have a tapas bar or suchlike?

              1. Thanks for all your suggestions! I checked out Torito's site and their menu looks great! Any other places that serve this type of menu but not necessarily Spanish cuisine? I just like the idea that you can try a variety of dishes; sort of like a 'pick your own' tasting menu.

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                    Chiado has a tapas menu aka Senhor Antonio's Tapas Bar.

                    Mambo on the Danforth has Cuban tapas.

                    Also, try Mezes or Lambros for Greek mezes, or Tabule or Mezzeta for Middle Eastern mezes.

                    Cambalache on Mt Pleasant has some good Spanish tapas.

                    Supermarket in Kensington is set up to share plates, too. Mostly SE Asian dishes, but their jerk pork was surprisingly good when I went.

                    Cha Liu is another option, too, if you like dim sum.

                    Also, Urbano has Italian tapas (?) on Queen West. Haven't been there, though. Here's a thread on Urbano : http://www.chowhound.com/topics/471241

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                      I consider dim sum to be Chinese tapas.

                    2. Barrio on Queen East at Logan can be fun. The Overjoy on the same block used to be good, too, but my wife and I stopped going there a couple of summers ago. I think it was because the attitude of the room started getting a little stuffy, or something like that. It may be back on track. We should check it out.

                      1. Barrio is wonderful. It's where I have all my girls nights - good service too.