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Apr 10, 2008 08:47 AM

And this year's Blowout dinner is at...

AS many of you know, I celebrate the anniversary of my unintentional acrobatic dismount from my motorcycle with a big blowout meal, for which I save all year. I call it "Life Day". The past few years, I have been going to Providence and getting the Chef's tasting menu. Last year, I found out about the "worst table in the house" deal, and thus saved 10% on my blowout meal.

This year, "Life Day Observed" is the 11th. This Friday. I have managed to scrimp and save almost double last year's Life Day money. It has been a hard few months. My husband lost his job, my car was broken into and all my electronics ripped off, and my sister discovered a suspicious lump over her spine (fingers crossed, she goes in this week to get it surgically checked out!) So, I am READY for Life Day. My husband insisted I use the Life Day mney for its original purpose (thank God for savings and stock portfolios!)

And this year, I'm going to...


Yep, going again. But this year is special! I called Donato a few months ago, told him how much I had, and that I wanted something really special. He told me he would "take care of me".

I love Providence. Doesn't matter how often you go, they keep notes on you. Donato knows my likes and dislikes. He knows all my allergies (nuts, oysters, clams, musselscan kill but scallops, shrimp, lobster, octopus and other cephalopods or pine nuts are perfectly fine). He knows my husband is a beer geek and that I like to explore interesting wines He knows where I like to sit. I think he even knows how much I weigh, because at 107lbs, I can't drink much wine, and he knows how to advise his amazing sommalier the right amount to serve me. He knows to keep the bread basket full! Donato is an absolute God of high caliber Customer Service. Frankly, I think someone must have rubbed a magic lamp to get him-he is liek a genie granting wishes!

Michael is a true master, as is Adrian. I have yet to have a dish there that didn't amaze. The falvors are pure, fresh, clean, complex...aaahhh! It's just amazing. (can you tell I'm excited?) My only problem is I want to go to LA Mill for coffee and treats the same day, but I know I'd better not-need to save room and keep my palatte clean!

All I know is that I am getting a super special something with wines paired. At Providence, the promis of something special is an exciting thing to think about! I go tomorrow! I may bring a notebook, but have decided to leave the camera at home.

I will write a report!

Keep in mind, I saved A LOT for this. The amount of this meal is something I just can't even type, well, perhaps for my report. I don't care. I know that where I am going, it will be worth it! I have worked hard to save for this! Ooh, and don't tell me I should have gone to Urasawa..I KNOW it is supposed to be amazing. I just didn't feel like Urasawa. Donato promised me something truly unique and special, and I know he and Michael can deliver!


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  1. Ohhh that sounds like it's going to be awesome.
    I've been there 3 times, not sure if they remember me at all though (would be nice if they do and know my likes and dislikes ...)

    Anyway, enjoy your (I'm sure it will be) amazing great meal and hopefully it'll help your psyche after all those troubles you've had!


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    1. re: burumun

      trust me, if you made a reservation each time, they probably have info on you! They are pretty meticulous with records. then again, I dunno, with my odd allergies, maybe I stood out. It can make dining a bit odd.

    2. Wishing you every wonderful morsel in your Life Day meal! I should save up for a Chef's Table dinner too...


      1. That's a beautiful intro. Love your approach to the meal.

        1. I like how you manage to seamlessly slip your weight and personal tragedies into so many of your posts. It adds a personal, "reality TV" touch to the website.

          Have an awesome dinner!

          P.S. at which Los Angeles restaurants would you recommend celebrating overcoming MINOR adversity? I was thinking a brunch place like the Griddle or maybe Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (saving dinners for in-patient procedures).

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          1. re: PlatypusJ

            Heck, celebrate any adversity at Providence.

            The Griddle would be good to celebrate survival from the stomach flu.

            Hey, I know it seems silly, but 1. survived a damn scary accident that could have been fatal 2. lost 70 lbs years ago and have kept it off ever since whilst being a devoted chowhound.

            These things are now part of who I am, which is part of how I chow! I mean, really, I wish I could drink like I used to, sometimes. but I just can't. And no, I wasn't drinking before my dismount..that was the fault of a stupid woman on her cell phone!

            Thanks everyone, will report back!