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Apr 10, 2008 08:37 AM

BarFry--Customer focus????

I planned to take a friend to BarFry for a birthday lunch, based on a recommendation from someone who had been there for dinner. I checked their hours on their web site, and also called morning of the lunch appointment--both website and phone message said they open at noon. When we got there, the front door was open, but there was not a soul to be seen. I went in, and finally found a single person in the kitchen--who was able to say "closed". I called that evening, to be told, "oh, we stopped serving lunch." I sent a note to the manager suggesting they update info--no response to the note. Now, a week later, web site and phone message are unchanged.

I have no idea how the food at BarFry is, and I'm pretty sure I'll never find out. Given their lack of regard for potential customers, and lack of fixing a problem once it's been identified to them, it's not someplace I'll bother returning to.

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  1. My experiences in the early evenings have been quite different. Every time I have visited, the staff was utterly attentive, almost to the point of sycophancy. It seems like one of the few mid-market places in the city that actually cares about customer satisfaction. They've even sent out amuses bouches when they knew I was only stopping in for a quick drink.

    1. BarFry had been open for lunch since they opened last year and they are always empty. I work around the corner and I have never seen more than 2 tables of people in there between 12 and 2 during the week. My guess is they were losing money, closed during lunch and now are focusing on dinner...problem is they don't have good business during dinner either. I have a feeling they will close....which is unfortunate

      1. Pretty much the same thing happened to me - I checked the website AND called only to be disappointed upon arrival that they were closed. We decided not to go back for dinner.

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            Yeah they are closed. Walked by this morning, papered up windows. We'll see if they keep the spot and change the concept or just abandon that location in total....