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Jul 1, 2002 07:25 PM


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Has anyone tried R-23 downtown? I'm curious to hear comments . . .

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  1. A few times, it's good but don't drive very far, because there are several that are lot's better.

    1. It is excellent for the area. I have eaten there two or three times over the years and have always had good meals.

      1. It's a good mix of good sushi and a nice atmosphere in which to eat it. Sort of arty and Zen like at the same time.

        1. I used to eat there quite a bit. But I prefer Nozawa or Sasabune (if you can live with some surliness).

          1. I read in the Downtown News that R-23 had changed onership. ANyone noticed if this has affected the restaurant at all (price/quality)?

            IMO, very good sushi + great ambiance makes R23 one of the best sushi spots in LA. Nozawa and Sasabune have better fish, but lack atmosphere. All three are great assets to the LA chowscene.