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Apr 10, 2008 08:04 AM

220 Merrill, Birmingham MI--how is it?

Going out tomorrow night for a ladies night out and we're thinking of eating here. I've heard and read mixed reviews of this place. If anyone has eaten here, please let me know what you thought.

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  1. i think that they do a very nice job. i have lunch there about once a month and enjoy it. i have had a few dinners there as well and they were good. things i have liked: entree salads, sandwiches, pasta, the daily risoto special, and fish.

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      Thanks, xman--it was pretty good. I had a seafood linguine that was very nice, and my friends also were happy with their food. It wasn't as expensive as I had feared, either.

    2. It's a solid place. Good food, good wine, well-made drinks and a lively scene if you like to people watch.