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Apr 10, 2008 08:03 AM

Nice places around Vic Park and the 401

I just started a new job in the area of Vic Park and the 401- I am looking for reasonable and nice places to grab lunch in the area, can anyone suggest anywhere that I might enjoy?

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  1. If you are driving, there are some good quick places:

    West Indian - Caribbean Delight at Ellesmere & Vic Park inside Parkway Mall

    Chinese - Golden Formosa at Victoria Terrace at Vic Park & Lawrence

    Pub - Queen's Head at Vic Park just north of 401 in the Hong Tai supermarket plaza

    Burgers - Johnny's - Vic Park just south of Sheppard - just an average burger but the place is an icon

    Greek - Try Esquire - not as good as when the original owners had it, but still a decent souvlaki

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    1. re: Rickshaw

      Aoyama Sushi, just below Van horne on the west side, and next to KFC.

      1. re: dlw88

        I was at Aoyama for lunch yesterday...they will be expanding their cooked dishes menu!!...a new chef (he started yesterday) has been brought on board to augment Endo-san's sushi expertise.

        1. re: T Long

          Awesome! I have a reservation there this evening. Sounds like I'll have to give their tempura another try.

          1. re: dlw88

            Please post a review!! My friend and I had the sushi for lunch yesterday and were too full to try anything else.

    2. Chuck E Cheese! You can watch TV while you scarf down your pizza.

      1. I used to work in that area; is "Noodle Delight" (east side of Vic Park, just north of Consumers) still open? IIRC, they had about 12 different styles of noodles/rice, depending on the protein/sauce/type of noodle, along with soup and other sides. I think they were kind of expensive - about $6/dish, and that was 10 years ago - but quite good.

        We also liked Mama Bear's Honey Fried Chicken, but again, pricey. And what can you say about Johnny's that hasn't been said here a thousand times? My advice - go for the steak on a kaiser - it's fresh, not frozen, and decked out with fried onions and steak sauce, very tasty.

        1. Lin Garden is not too far, if you're driving--on Pharmacy just south of Sheppard. Hakka food. I love the chili chicken.