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Jul 1, 2002 07:10 PM

Chez Sateau: sad

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Boy, am I glad I wasn't paying for this!

Scene of the crime(s) was Chez Sateau, on Baldwin in Arcadia. We'd reserved for our party of eight, and they got off to a good start by showing us to a table for six. Even after we thought we'd straightened THAT up, they kept bringing us six menus, six glasses of water, six dessert forks, and so on.

Snooty-looking dining room, formally-uniformed but very informal (and inept, and occasionally rude) servers... but at least the food was mediocre and expensive. My seared swordfish woulda been great if they'd just stopped "searing" it a few minutes sooner, and my so-called "Passion Fruit Mousse" was sponge cake, Chantilly cream, two UNpeeled wedges of Kiwi fruit and an alarmingly cerise goo that smelled like nail polish and tasted of some regrettable perfume.

Just to make the pretentiousness truly hilarious, the mandatory "valet parking" consisted of one kinda chubby, overworked guy who, by the time we got there, had lost his tie, undone his cuffs, and sweated through his shirt just trying to keep the cars straight...we tipped him heavily, because none of it was his fault. Besides, it was nice to see that SOMEONE there was doing his job!

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  1. I haven't been there in at least ten years but it used to be very good in the mid 80's. Another Tragedy.

    1. If I remember correctly, the owner and possibly the chef of Chez Sateau took a real bath opening up 4 branches of Papashon that all eventually failed despite having better food and prices than a lot of survivors. Maybe they sold out or just lost heart.

      1. Wait, there's wife just reminded me that their menu also offers Chilean Sea Bass, a seriously endangered species that most reputable restaurants have stopped serving, since our various governments have not seen fit to address the overfishing.

        And if my swordfish was any indicator, they probably overcook it as well!

        1. I have to chime in as well. We had a prix fixe there about six months ago, though it was only three courses, without wine. Somehow, it still took them three and a half hours to serve the food. When it came time for the dessert, without telling us, they switched in some pecan pie and vanilla ice cream combination. Well, my girlfriend hates pecans and her mother (who was also there) is allergic to them. We point this out to the waiter, who calls in the manager (who apparently is the chef/owner's wife). We point out her problems, and she apologizes and tells us that they ran out of the original dessert... and does absolutely nothing! she doesn't even offer to give us a substitute when we explain our problem with pecans! I asked for a price write off and was refused. Asked for a substitution and was told the kitchen was already closed (of course it was, you idiots, you kept us there forever!). We paid the bill with no tip and vowed never to come back. I tried to forget, but this thread is a perfect time for me to spread my venom.