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Apr 10, 2008 07:48 AM

Going to Vancouver with a foodie need suggestions please :)

I am not a food person, however my GF is and she is always talking about chowhound so I figured this would be the best place for some help. I am taking her to BC as a suprise this weekend and I was wondering if any of you wonderful chow people had any suggestions? My budget is around 100 per person. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

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  1. Here are my two cents:

    For sushi, Tojo is a must! I went there this past weekend with 10 others, and although the service was slow and sometimes tough to understand, the sushi was incredible! Their tuna and salmon were the best I've ever had, and the unagi made me order much more of it than I thought I could ever eat! Their spicy tuna roll had both minced tuna on the inside of the roll and fresh tuna on the outside. Now, I don't get to spend much time in Vancouver, so I'm sure others will have even better recommendations for sushi, but I thought Tojo was amazing!

    Vij"s: This is a fabulous little spot on East Granville that has now been around for years. The owner employs only the best Indian women chefs and the proof is in the food! (And particulariy the lamb popsicles) They do no take reservations and there is a guaranteed wait, but it is well worth it! The servers come around with nibblers to help tease the palate before you sit down...yum! I haven't been here for a year so I can't remember what's on the menu, but just trust me that it will be some of the best Indian cuisine you've ever tried.

    Salt: This is a hip little spot in Blood Alley that only serves charcuterie, gourmet cheeses, artisanal breads and home-made condiments. YOu have the options of choosing a few of each of the mentioned foods, but the servers are very knowledgeable in what to recommend if you are unfamiliar with the specifics. Their wine list is incredible and this type of meal always works well with wine. I try to hit up this spot whenever I'm in town, and I sure wish that Calgary had something like it!

    Have fun with the discovery!

    1. Probably the best thing to do to get some starter ideas is to look back in the Western Canada Board because there are usually quite a few threads that are geared towards visitors who are looking for suggestions on where to dine.

      After that, you probably want some information that's more tailored to your visit, or some clarifications, since there are so many good places to eat in Vancouver it can get a bit overwhelming. Things that would be helpful for us to know include: where you are visiting from, what types of food you like, what kind of atmosphere you prefer, how adventurous you are, if you have access to a car, and where you're staying.

      Happy browsing!

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        Parkside is my current favorite - it's never let me down.
        Don Francesco for Italian - a little low on the radar, but good solid Italian fare.
        You might want to check out and browse Vancouver - tons of good info and restaurant reviews.