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Apr 10, 2008 07:26 AM

How Busy Is Cafe D on a Saturday Night?

We hit the Wonder Spice Cafe in JP last night for some decent Cambodian/Thai food, but almost got sidetracked by Cafe D on the way over to Wonder Spice. The menu at Cafe D looked pretty interesting, and what I could see of the interior looked nice.

Is this place usually packed on a Saturday night? Is it worth making a reservation there? Also, what do folks like on their menu? Thanks!

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  1. I like sitting at the bar there -- but don't think I've been on a Sat nite.

    As for recommended dishes, I really like the fish tacos.

    1. i've eaten there on several Friday nights and it has been generally crowded - but not packed - out of 4-5 times on a Friday, we've had to wait but once, for 30 minutes.

      the fish tacos are great. there is a moroccan lamb dish that it well regarded and has been on the menu for years (since before it was Cafe D - I forget the name of the previous place). good beer and wine selection. consistently spotty service.

      1. I go often enough (once a month average) and have never had anything less than decent food and good service. The oft-reported service kinks are long long gone, in my opinion. It's a neighborhood favorite type of place to me, so I have not been on a Saturday night. I have consistently enjoyed their soups, salads, fish tacos, steak frites, burger, etc. Never really had a bad meal there. It's not really destination dining - as in, if I were not within walking distance in J.P., I would not see myself making a trip there. But I enjoy it. I have never really ever had to wait. If I did, I suppose I would just go down the block to Centre Street Cafe or JP Seafood or jump in the car and head to Rozzie.

        1. I am very fond of this place, and would recomend the calamari app, the squid is perfectly cooked. Once I did get off shrimp, and sent it back, but I had to make it clear to my server that I was mostly only dissapointed due to the fact that the other times that I had the dish it was perfect. I can forgive an off nite once and awhile,

          1. I've been on a Saturday and while crowded it seemed to move quickly - that might have been a coincidence of good timing as half of the tables turned just after we arrived, but still. Went the next morning for brunch - weekend lunch - and was pleasantly surprised about how good it was. Not as organic/local/wholesome as Center Street Cafe but a good bit cheaper and easily on par with tastiness. I know your post was for dinner but had to put that in.

            Oh, and they don't take reservations.