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Apr 10, 2008 07:14 AM

Romantic Spot in Montgomery County

Looking for a romantic place in Montgomery County. Any type of food is fine. What do you recommend?

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  1. The Comus Inn is really nice, the view is beautiful, and Sugarloaf Winery is just down the road.

    It's not that far off I-270 or if you have time and you want a romantic drive through the countryside, you can wind around on the country roads to get there.

    If you want something closer in, Old Angler's Inn is the standard "romantic" spot. I've never been there, so can't say how the food is.

    In the Kentlands, I recommend Le Palais. It's a really nice family-owned French restaurant.

    Le Palais
    304 Main St, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

    Old Angler's Inn
    10801 MacArthur Blvd., Potomac, MD 20854

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      Sadly, Old Angler's Inn does not live up to its romantic promise. Sietsema gave it only one star last year.

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        We went to Comus Inn tonight for my husband's birthday, so I thought I'd report back. It was lovely, over all. Their online menu is out of date. None of the things we had are on their online menu. I had a wild mushroom risotto with peas and shaved parmesan for a starter. Very tasty. My husband had an onion/goat cheese tart. He liked it; I just had a bite, and I liked my risotto better. I had for an entree cod served with shaved fennel, tomatoes, carmelized onions and shaved new potatoes. It was yummy. Husband had a grilled tuna dish, I forget the details, but it was delish, and disappeared quickly. I wish they had their actual menu online so I could describe things better. I had a really incredible dessert with almond (mousse? custard?) I don't know what it was called, but it was recommended by the server, and it was great. My husband had a chocolate mint dessert that he devoured. Again, I liked mine better, but I'm not a big chocolate fan. We took our two wee ones, and they were happy with off-menu children's offerings (burger, grilled cheese and exquisite fries). The dessert served to the kids was also fantastic... it was a scoop each of extremely rich chocolate ice cream, vanilla bean ice cream, and creamiscle-yummy orange ice cream. Brilliant! When I reserved, I asked for a table with a view of the mountain, which they would not guarantee for us (not sure why) but when we arrived at 5:30, it was no problem and there was not a crowd on the "porch" which I believe is the room with windows (and the view). They were also serving people outside on the terrace, but it clearly became too chilly for people out there as the breeze rose and the sun set, and those folks all were seated inside eventually. Anyway, overall lovely. Hope you enjoy it there.

      2. I second Comus Inn. Ask for a table in the room that overlooks the mountain upstairs. Beautiful view. But make sure you go there where you can see it.

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          I can't recommend Comus Inn. Went there once for lunch last fall, one of the worst meals I've ever had. I had a burger which is usually a pretty safe bet, yet it tasted rancid. I couldn't eat it and it ruined my appitite for ordering anything else. The fries tasted reheated. My partner had a fish special that he barely ate. It was very greasy. The service was terrible so it was hard to complain and the hostess was disorganized too.

          It's a nice setting with a beautiful view...just go for drinks and dine somewhere else!

          Normandie Farm in Potomac might be a better option if you like French food. Just beware - they don't skimp on the butter!

        2. thanks for your great replies. I am going to try the Comus inn, will let you know how it goes

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            i enjoyed old anglers, its a nice atmosphere and the food is pretty good, not great though.

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              Comus Inn does a very nice Sunday Brunch.

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                i think Tavira in chevy chase is great (portuguese). actually i'm not sure if it's in dc or md come to think of it...

                La Miche in bethesda is romantic and decent (but old fashioned)

                1. re: DCDOLL

                  ^^I've always wondered about La Miche - it's been there forever.

                  1. re: beauxgoris

                    I can think of three places that might fit the bill, all of which have a nice setting, but can be considered somewhat pricey in relation to food quality (two of these were actually places I checked out for my wedding).

                    Inn at Brookeville Farm ( tasty food, private dining nook for two,

                    Mrs. K's Toll's House in Silver Spring --I actually hated this place when I went there way back but liked the old timey atmosphere a lot. Lately it's had some good reviews regarding the food.

                    La Ferme in Chevy Chase, MD--probably the best food of the three but I'm partial to French food.

                    1. re: beauxgoris

                      it's very old fashioned, french waiters in proper garb, with traditional french food in a traditional setting. we like going there occasionally just to people watch -- the old money senior citizen bethesda crowd holds court there most weekends! You get treated extremely well, and the food is good, and everyone is dressed properly and speaks in hushed tones. it's fun for a change!

                2. Thanks to all for your thoughts and replies. We did end up going to the Comus Inn and overall had a very nice meal. Not world class but excellent for an anniversary dinner or other special occassion. We opted for the 7 course 'chef's tasting menu' since it was listed on their specials board. The downside was that there were no choices listed, it was up to the chef. We requested "no lamb" but otherwise were ok with whatever they would send. We had a lot of seafood which was very good although curiously no salad course. I would recommend going with off the menu choices - I think it is a better value and you know what you will get. My suggestion is they should offer two choices per course as some restaurants do or at least let you know what is coming. There was also no wine course offered with the chef's menu. This was a miss, I always enjoy tasting new wines. Other things of note;
                  - the view is wonderful of Sugarloaf Mountain. We sat in the upstairs near a window having requested a seat with a view based on one of the board suggestions. Beautiful! and we could watch the sun set as we dined.
                  - a nice quiet space. I don't know about you but I prefer someplace a bit on the quiet side. We could even carry on a conversation!
                  - the drive in the country was pretty and we felt like we were out of the hustle and bustle.
                  - value: we spent about $170 for 2 people before tip. (the tasting menu was $65 each). not inexpensive and if we go again I would order off the menu.
                  - they also have a very nice outdoor patio with a view of Sugarloaf. This looks like it would be a great spot for a large group (wedding, etc. or even a corporate group).

                  Overall, not world class food though very good and with an exceptional view leading to a nice experience.