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Apr 10, 2008 05:11 AM

where to take veggie friend

Where can I take my out-of-town very veggie friend next weekend for dinner? Budget is not really an issue; I'd like something where she has more than one veggie option and I can eat something that doesn't involve tempeh and soy shaped like meat, if you know what I mean. She does not eat fish.

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  1. Since you say budget is not an issue, the best and most high-end place that can satisfy both omnivores and vegetarians will be Per Se. While it may seem impossible to get a reservation at this point, they do have cancellations and so give it a try to call and see if anything is available.

    On the similar level, Daniel offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tasting menus. Cafe Boulud, another restaurant owned by Daniel Boulud, also has plenty of vegetarian options, but the crowd there tends to be older.

    A more budget-friendly option is Blue Hill. With spring vegetables popping in the marketing, I can't wait to try Blue Hill's vegetarian menu myself!

    If she likes ethnic food, Devi has great Indian food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

    I can guarantee you that none of these places will have tempeh or soy involved.

    Of course there is Pure, a vegetarian restaurant with every dish suitable for your friends.

    1. Candle 79 in the UES if you are interested in sampling all-vegan fair. We went two years ago for Valentine's Day and had a wonderful meal. As a meat eater myself, I found their options to be quite tasty. Candle Cafe could be a less pricey option.

      1. As a lifelong vegetarian, I know that it is NOT necessary to eat at a strictly vegetarian restaurant to get good food and also have more than one vegetarian option (believe me, I know, and I also refuse to eat at places that have fewer than 2 vegetarian options).

        Most Indian, Thai, Italian, and Mexican places will have plenty of vegetarian options and there are so many good ones in Manhattan. It really depends on what neighborhood you want to go to and what kind of food you want.

        1. Thanks for the tips all. No luck getting reservations at Cafe Boulud or Blue Hill, both of which I've been wanting to try anyway. Booked at Candle 79 for Friday--hope it's not too seitan-ish for me, but even if it is she'll love it. Now that just leaves Saturday night...

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            If you are really interested, the bar seats at Blue Hill are really comfortable.

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              Thanks, xigua. Do you think 3 of us can sit at the bar with no problem if we show up by 630 or 7ish on a Saturday?

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              Try Gaam on 30th between Broadway and 6th for an innovative Indian menu; Craft for simple vegetables cooked wonderfully; Aquavit for a great Scandinavian menu; Cacio e Pepe for their signature pasta dish and others... all good stuff.

              The Vegetarian New Yorker:

            3. I love Tamarind for higher-end Indian with lots of veg options.

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                There's a new place called Counter in the east village that I've heard good things about, more casual, kitschy.