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Apr 10, 2008 05:06 AM

Catering for 50 in Washington suburbs --

I am having 50 people (mixed ages, some family, some friends) to celebrate a special occasion in my family. We are renting a moonbounce for the kids, stocking a great bar, ordered a decorated cake already, but I still can't decide on the catering -- has anyone used either GUAPO's Mexican or Maggianno's Italian for such a purpose. This is definitely NOT a fancy, smancy bash, but I want the food to be good (and reliable!!). Guapos brings a grill and does fajitas with all the trimmings, and provides some added manpower to set up a buffet, etc. Maggiannos is a good standard restaurant for quantity-served basic italian fare, but they cook the food and drop it off. I am concerned that the quality may not last if we have to reheat spaghetti to keep it warm on a buffet table for a crowd. They have great chicken and veal dishes, but again, nothing keeps food warm like a hot grill in the backyard. Anybody used either of these places???

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  1. Urban BBQ in Rockville has been my go to for a few years. Nice people, great food!

    1. Peggy,
      My office uses Maggianos for lunches in our conference room for about 30 people a few times a year. It's very popular.The favorites are the maggiano salad, the chicken saltimboca and the tiramisu. The hot dishes seem to stay hot for a couple hours in the tin trays they provide, but we have learned fried items (like calamari) don't travel well.
      That said, fajitas from Guapos would be very popular at my house.