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Apr 10, 2008 04:54 AM

Jury Duty in Jamaica, Sutphin Blvd.

Where is a good place to eat lunch in the Jamaica area around the civil court house? I wouldn't mind spending up to $10 if the food is good. Everything in the area looks a little dirty and the rest are fast food places. Please help...

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  1. I usually end up at agape, the coffee place across the street. They have wraps and such and some nice desserts. And as far as fast food places go, popeyes is my favorite, although I don't think I've been to the one on sutphin.

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      I agree. There's really not much around there. Agape is where all the attorneys go. We walked over to a diner on Hillside Ave that was pretty good. It's maybe a 10 min walk. I belive it was across the street from Hillside Honda.

      I do not recommend going down to Jamaica Ave. I made that mistake. Not fun.

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        Oh, come on, Jamaica Avenue is an adventure! I agree, there's not much around the courthouse. Agape is pretty decent and the least grease-laden, fast-food like place right near the courthouse. That said, I have eaten at the Popeye's a few times, though not lately. It's pretty decent for that type of food. And as far as jury duty is concerned, do the happy dance that you did not get called to federal court in Central Islip, as a friend of mine who lives in Forest Hills and does not drive did. Fortunately, on that court's website, they say they will give her an "excuse," as she has a kid under 10 and is that kid's primary caretaker. Yay. The current LIRR timetable would make it physically impossible for her to be ontime for court and have her standing at the LIRR in Central Islip for 2 hours to get a train back to Queens. And that courthouse is not near anywhere you can get a bite to eat for lunch without walking a very healthy distance.

    2. It's day 4 of my jury duty and I have tried all the places mentioned. There is another place I went to on Sutphin Blvd. It's about a block away from the LIRR, it's called Maxi's Diner. I went there because they received a 0 on violations from New York; an excellent sign. It was okay, the staff was really nice and they threw in free fried cod balls; they were pretty tasty. One more day to go...

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        I ate at Golden Krust when I was subjected to the jury duty experience. it's fast food for sure, but their jamaican beef patties are pretty good!

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          Did you try agage yet? I saw their menu recently and it looks interesting. Homecooking by the two woman owners and one of them is a baker too. Meet them at an event at the queens economic development center in K. gardens.
          was wondering on the actual feedback on the food and place (they did say their main customers where the lawyers and judges)

          1. re: tigerwoman

            When I ate there it was jammed all the time. They make everything fresh so the wait time for a sandwich can be 15 min, once you get to place your order, which is difficult if you only have an hour. The food was good, maybe a little over priced for what you get. Also, I was there over a period of 3 weeks at the beginning of July last year and they were not open every day. There didn't really seem to be any rhyme or reason for the days they were closed.

            I get what they are trying to do there, but they only sort of pull it off. From what I could see, their kitchen space looked very small. It might benefit from a re-organization of space to make their flow a bit easier. The audience is captive, which probably works in their favor. I would bet if something else opened close by and was more efficient for the customers time, they wouldn't be as busy as they are.

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              I'm on jury duty today and went to AGAPE BLENDS across the street from the courthouse. It was great! At first I walked down to the LIRR - not the most pleasant walk - and could not find anything except a tapas place that was empty. So I came back and ordered a veggie burger deluxe at AGAPE. Even though it was greasy, it was awesome that they offered such a platter. The fries were thin and extra crispy, and the veggie burger came with a toasted bun, sauteed onions, and dark green lettuce. And to make me even happier, they had iced decaf coffee with skim milk. I was quite impressed, Jamaica. And all in all it was less than $10.

              BTW I did not have to wait long at all. I'm back in the courthouse with time to spare on my lunch break.

        2. Rincon Salvadore is very good, very clean and friendly-it's large and has plenty of seating....

          1. If you walk to Hillside and 169th you can eat at Ghoroa or Sagar. A full meal with a side and tea can go as low as 5 bucks at Ghoroa and it's very good Bengali food.

            1. Raves for El Rey, a Domincan neighborhood staple for years! Follow the court officers up to Hillside Ave., cross the street and turn right. It's on the corner. Look for the line out the door. Don't worry, plenty of time for lunch!