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Cheers all, tossing up between Mermaid Inn & Aquagrill for seafood. What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Aquagrill is far superior to Mermaid.

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      Thanks rrems Aquagrill it is.

      For Thai we are trying to decide between Holy Basil, Sticky Rice, Thailand Cafe & Tara Thai. Input appreciated.

    2. Aquagrill is definitely better, but also more expensive if that matters.

      I've only been to Holy Basil among your Thai choices. It's nothing special.

      1. I love both.....but Aquagrill is Tier 1, while Mermaid Inn is Tier 2.

        1. it depends if you want raw oysters et all
          mermaid has tasty entrees
          aquagrill has tasty fresh oysters

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            IMO Mermaid has bland entrees.

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              Aquagrill is far superior with oysters and entrees, in my opinion. Also, though more expensive, still reasonable and a nicer environement.

              1. Thanks. Yes we had pretty much decided on Aquagrill however Blue Water Grill has now also been thrown into the equation. So, Aquagrill or Blue Water Grill?

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                  Blue Water has a beautiful atmosphere, but in recent years I feel the food has lost the zing it used to have, and would lean toward Aquagrill for greater consistency, but it would not be a terrible choice if the menu appeals to you more. Watch out, though. The staff is trained to try to upsell on wine and to push other extras. Don't fall for it.

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                    Aquagrill is far superior to Blue Water Grill

                    1. I think Aquagrill is better than Blue Water. Although, I love blue water, and if you do go there the Chilean Sea Bass is amazing.

                      1. Thank you all! Aquagrill it is. Ok seafood choice is decided and so is our special occassion rest (EMP) - that's 8 out of 10 days. We now need to research and decide on Pub grub, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Sandwich/Salad, burgers, brunch, afternoon tea and one good 'people watch' spot. Half the fun is in the planning. As always, your input is appreciated.


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                          For Vietnamese, I love O Mai.

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                            For Thai, hop on the 7 train to Woodside - 61st street and go to Sripraphai. There is no better thai food anywhere in NYC!

                          2. Another for Aquagrill. We went to Aquagrill earlier this month. Walked in without a reservation on a Friday night. Delicious. Wondered why we don't go more often. Shhh, they aren't on opentable.com. I am not a Mermaid Inn Fan and they are not in the same league as Aquagrill. BlueWater Grill is larger, more crowded and noisier, not my kind of scene. Haven't been there in awhile, seafood was pretty good.