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Apr 10, 2008 01:07 AM

I need help: best Mail-Order Stuffed Deep Dish?

I live in the Bay Area, California, and lets face it: the pizza out here mostly sucks. We have Zackary's Chi Pizza but the deep dish is questionable.

Anyhow, I'm looking at ordering a pizza from Chicago, somewhere that offers Stuffed Deep Dish, either cheese or pepperoni. I've heard good things about Geordano's Mail Order pizza.


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  1. Are you looking for stuffed or deep dish? If you aren't married to the stuffed, I've had great luck with the Lou Malnati's mail order, and there pizza blows giordano's away.
    There is a whole list of Chicago food stuff that they will send:

    1. Lou Malnatis is the best deep dish pizza ever! They even have a Chicago package that has cheesecake and other Chicago favorites in it for a pretty good price- great for a small party:)
      As Mitch said, it is deep dish, not stuffed, but I think that's what you want anyway...

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      1. re: windystyle

        Thanks to Mitch for the link.

        Windy- I am actually looking for Stuffed Deep Dish, the one with the thick crust and the sauce on top of it.

        I found a local place that was started in Chi, so I might try that, but I'm worried it won't be the same :(

        1. re: permutated

          Just to clarify... Chicago has two predominant types of deep-dish pizza. "Stuffed" pizza is a double-crust pizza, one crust on the bottom, then cheese and added ingredients (sausage, mushrooms, etc), then a second crust on top of that, then the sauce on top; each crust isn't all that thick but there are two of them. "Pan" pizza is a single-crust pizza with a thicker crust. Both styles are baked in a deep pan with sides (typically around 2" high). Both styles are popular in Chicago, with some chains (Giordano's, Bacino's, Edwardo's, Carmen's, Nancy's) specializing in stuffed pizza, and others (Lou Malnati's, Gino's East, Uno's, Pizano's) specializing in pan pizza. It's not clear from your description which type you're looking for.

          Giordano's sells and ships their double-crust stuffed pizza on their website at Lou Malnati's sells and ships their single-crust pan pizza on the website You can buy both Edwardo's double-crust stuffed pizza and Gino's East single-crust pan pizza at

      2. Gino's East also has mail order, and I've had good experiences with it.

        1. Zachary's is questionable? Yikes. I live in SoCal and make trips to NoCal and am pretty familiar with Zachary's...they have a pretty stellar reputation as being about as good as you can get for their stuffed crust pizzas...that they compare favorably to many of the best in Chicago. I know they have expanded to 5 or 6 locations so I am hoping the quality stays up, but I think Zachary's is one of the better things about my trips to the Bay Area, or as we SoCals call it...Frisco (wink).

          Most of the biggies in Chicago are deep dish (without the 2nd upper dough layer that the thick sauce is on top of). Giordano's is your best bet, but I would seriously scratch my head and question your comments on Zachary's...having it fresh is so much better (in my opinion) and getting it mail order never comes cheaply.