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Apr 10, 2008 12:14 AM

Martini in Cambridge/Boston?

Where can I get a decent and hopefully not overpriced martini in Cambridge (or, lacking that, the Boston area)? I'm not talking about any of the variants out there (appletini, chocolate, etc.) - I mean the traditional deal, gin and vermouth...

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    1. re: Falcon 64

      On first look, Oak Room would seem to fall into the overpriced category. Then, when the martini is delivered and poured out of a carafe that is then placed into a small individual ice bucket, you realize that you're basically getting two martinis for the price of one. When your first is gone, the second is waiting chilled.

      Besides, even if you're a Bostonian, I think that a martini at the Oak Room is a requirement - at least once. Beware - it can fill up quickly on weekend nights.

    2. For classic martinis or more creative cocktails, I'd go to Eastern Standard Kitchen in Kenmore or Green Street in Central Square.

      1. At Oak Room in Boston, you'll get a classic martini, and lots of it, but the surroundings are bar snacks are great too. ESK or Deep Ellum could also oblige.

        In Cambridge, I agree that Green Street in Central Sq would be your top choice and meet your expectations nicely. West Side Lounge does a good job too, and maybe the B-Side Lounge.

        1. for not overpriced you should definitely check out silvertones, by the park street stop. great comfort good and solid bartending.

          1. In Boston, the Oak Room. In Cambridge, B-Side, bar @ Chez Henri, bar @ Rialto, bar @ Gargoyles (not Cambridge per se, but within stumbling distance).