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Apr 10, 2008 12:03 AM

big sur breakfast and dinner

we'll be in big sur 2 nights and looking for some input on our meals. we get 2 of each! I've read the threads here, but we still need help narrowing it down. we love breakfast. lunch should be more scenic, but not a waste of money. dinner should have good ambience, food, and wine.

dinner: we're definitely going to big sur bakery one night. we're trying to decide on the second. we've never been to deetjen's, but it seems to get positive reviews here. any suggestions/feedback?

dinner (need 1 more):
- deetjen's
- roadhouse (seems like bar food?)
- cielo at ventana (better for lunch?)
- nepenthe (better for lunch?)

breakfast/brunch (need 2):
- big sur bakery
- deetjen's
- cafe kevah (nepenthe)

lunch (need 2):
- big sur bakery
- cielo at ventana
- nepenthe (patio or lower cafe?)
- sierra mar at post ranch

many thanks in advance~

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  1. I would do lunch at Nepenthe and Sierra Mar. The views are breathtaking, so be there during daylight.
    I would do dinner at Cielo and Deetjen's. Cielo does have a view, but not like N or SM. Deetjen's has no view.
    Breakfast I'll leave to others as a piece or toast or a boiled egg does it for me.

    1. Dinner at Deetjen's was good but not fantastic. It's definitely a charming location though. We splurged on Post Ranch Inn and thought it was excellent - but lunch would be good as well. I think you have pretty much every place in town on your list - just go with where you are and how you feel (some of these places are several miles away from each other) and you'll do fine.

      It's also possible (though quite a drive) to go to Carmel/Monterey for dinner - so you might want to consider that as well.

      1. Just returned from two nights at Deetjen's...recommend the breakfasts served in the lovely dining rooms with a fireplace and wonderful staff. Both my dinners were taken at the Big Sur Bakery, outstanding. Go one morning and have some croissants or what ever strikes your fancy, and you will see the magic that they create. Great deal of their dishes are cooked in cast iron in the wood fired oven along with pizzas, which I did not have in favor of the amazing breads served with your meal. Nepenthe is famous for their burgers...and that is about it, besides the view.
        Pick up something to go from BS Bakery or the BS Deli next door and have picnic lunches along the coast or in one of the parks. Too gorgeous to sit inside a restaurant!

        1. I have been going to Big Sur every year for 38 years and I would say for sure Nepenthe for lunch, patio for sure, view is amazing and they have the best basket of French Fries, plus you can shop downstairs after. Dinner I would 2nd Deetjens and breakfast would be Big Sur Bakery it is so funky I just love it I hope you have as much fun as we do every year.

          1. thanks so much for your input! I guess I did list everywhere in town, but we were trying to figure out how to narrow it down. the last meal I had in big sur was camping at julia pfeiffer burns state park, so this should be very different. thanks everyone!