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It used to be called Toby's Goodeats

Interesting to see tonight that Toby's has been reincarnated on College St., south side, just east of Bathurst. Now calling itself something like Toby's Famous Restaurant. I'm going to run right over and have a burger, chunky fries and melted cheese sauce. This was a staple hangout 20+ years ago when I was a teenager.

Anyone been there yet? Anyone know if it is the same owners?

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  1. That brings back old memory's! My mom used to take me there for their milkshakes. I remember they used Haagan Daaz ice cream..

    1. There are a few places around Toronto that have been using the Toby's Goodeats name. At least one of them was an original Toby's location. There's no connection with the original and they aren't any good.

      The new place is unknown to me, but there's no way the original owners could be involved.

      1. If this picture is accurate it can't be the same people. I don't recall sliced cheese ever being used, just that ooey goey good cheddar cheese sauce or cream cheese for one of their burgers. I'd kill for a Strikes It Rich or a Courage.

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          "Toby’s is popping up like a delicious burger-filled cold sore on College Street" - ew - how is that supposed to make you want to try a place out?

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            Looks like a stock photo of a generic burger. I doubt highly it's a photo of a Toby's burger.

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              It's certainly not a photo of a Toby's Good Eats burger. I'll wait for someone else to take Famous Eatery out for a test drive rather than guess.

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              Disgusting aspect aside, martiniboys is suffering from an historical accuracy failure. Ain't never been a "Toby's Famous" before.

              The original owners also owned Bemelman's, Rhodes, Nekah, the Copa, and the Ports of Call. They've been out of the business for many years.

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                Yes, it used to be called Toby's Goodeats (or Good Eats). I think I'll go check it out this weekend.

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                  Yea but I bet they sold the rights to the name so theoretically it is a "Tobys".. Martiniboys ALWAYS uses stock photos...

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                    The owner was Tom Kirstenbrunn(sp?) I believe. I knew of his empire, but didn't realise that he owned Nekah. I ate there when Stadlander was there. I quite liked it, but, sadly, it didn't last very long.

                    And, oh, for a Toby's Courage or Texarcana from back when they were good!

                    1. re: hungry_pangolin

                      Oooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, the Texarcana. I loved that one too! Sniff.

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                    I realize this is an old thread - but there is a Toby's at Yonge and Sheppard or so, that has absolutely lousy reviews. I soooo miss Toby's - late night burger after bowling, Strikes it Rich, with a side of Rich Sauce to dip those amazing fries into! I want one now!

                  3. Pretty nice place overall, but I'd stay away from the nachos. The cheese was as though they'd mixed cheddar cheese with cheese whiz. Grainy and runny, and not very tasty, imo.

                    1. The original Toby's was on the west side of Yonge near Pears Avenue and Ramsden Park. They did have very good burgers and a few other items that couldn't be had in the late 60's. It was a very small, folksy operation and they maintained a family pet on premises.

                      "Toby" was a delightful, friendly Bull Terrier who would wander up and down Yonge Street visiting neighbourhood merchants and welcoming strollers on a pleasant evening: I petted him often. He was quite famous and received much media attention.

                      Nanny doesn't allow dogs or rare burgers anymore, and Toby is long dead, so i won't be visiting this new Toby's on my next visit to T.

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                        I grew up in that area and we petted Toby on our way to school everyday. He lived at Pack Rat, the home furnishings store. He was the namesake of Toby's Good Eats but I really don't recall there being a Toby's Good Eats in that neighbourhood. I thought the first was down on Bloor near Balmuto.

                        1. re: crawfish

                          You mention the Pack Rat and I place Toby's near that - above Bloor on the west side.

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                            Pack Rat was just north of MacPherson Ave where the kitchen store is now. Later Pack Rat moved south of Roxborough. But I still can not picture a Toby's along there. We actually had a family discussion recently trying to place all the businesses we remember from that era on that strip of Yonge. Le Petit Gourmet, Sun Produce, Tommy's Open Grill, Mac's Milk, etc. and Toby's never came up. I'll throw it out there at the next family gathering.

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                              These memories are quite old. You petted Toby after school, and I petted him after work. Years later your child's sense of place and local detail would be much clearer than mine. I'd be interested if your family could shed some light on this.

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                                Wasn't there a Toby's on Yonge north of St. Clair, near Rhodes?

                                1. re: betsy

                                  Yes, there was. I lived in that neighbourhood for a while in the early 1990s, and occasionally went there.

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                            Sometime in the last two years, I had the misfortune of eating at "Toby's" in the Empress Walk Mall (upper level). Service and food were both atrocious.

                            The place kinda sorta tries to invoke the beloved Toby's of old, but fails miserably in every respect.

                          3. I have no idea about the original owners, but this is the same place that was located at yonge and bloor, but was closed for the condo building a few months ago.

                            Sounds like you have good memories of the food, but the few times I've eaten there it has been pretty bad. I used to frequent quite often for the $10 pitchers of amsterdam blonde. It used to be packed with foreign students on the weekends (the same people all the time) and there was rarely a table available. It was really grungy, but can't complain about the beer prices.
                            I haven't checked out the new spot, as I live in the yonge/bloor area, but maybe in the summer.

                            1. I live right by this place and went there for take-out today in hopes of ruining a good workout with a greasy burger. I got a courage burger (chilli + cheese sauce) and fries. They had a Sunday special (even on take-out) whereby you got your burger for $0.99 if you bought fries, so the grand total after tax was $8.49.

                              It was not bad. Ok-- it wasn't fantastic, but it was the kind of thing you imagine would be your dream food if you had been out drinking or had been camping and living on trail mix for a week or something. The burger itself was nothing too special, a little greasy, standard tasting, on a very lightly toasted sesame bun. The fries were made from potatoes and were pretty good. They thoughtfully packed the chili and cheese sauce in two separate containers so the burger wouldn't be mush when I got it home. The chili was a little curried-tasting and the cheese sauce, while not a big flavour, reminded me of something nostalgic. I realized towards the end that it tastes like the sauce my mom used to make for broccoli, which, IIRC, was made partly from Velveeta and partly from melted mild cheddar. A little "textury" as cheddar gets when melted but kind of good in a guilty pleasure way. No cheese fries on the menu, but they did have the Texakana (sic).

                              Those of you missing the original Toby's will undoubtedly feel like I'll never know what I am missing, but while I wouldn't rush back to the new Toby's, I could see myself satisfying a lazy burger craving there now and then.