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Apr 9, 2008 11:54 PM

Confirmed the conventional wisdom re: Ivy at the Shore tonight

large portions
good service
the absolutely amazing amount of salt on my sauteed calimare appetizer was so overwhelming, the dish was almost inedible.
the seasonings/tomatoes/garlic on my whitefish completely overwhelmed the whitefish as well.
my partner seemed to do better with the ravioli starter and his prime rib (which looked like a seared rib eye to me)

next time, i'll ask them to make me a plain broiled piece of fish and serve it with some lemon.
my belief is that the less 'cooking' they are allowed to do, the better the dish will probably turn out.

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  1. You left out one big problem I have with the Creeping Ivy. Cost. Way too much money for the food.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Totally agree (w/ Westsidegal and Servorg :). Some good things and bad things, and definitely for the money you pay, it's just too much to justify the quality of the dishes.

    2. We haven't been there since the move, so my opinion may be outmoded, but the one thing I always did like there was the bar. They make really good (albeit expensive) drinks--I've enjoyed the bloodies, mojitos, pimms cup, gimlet, etc. The key to a good meal there, I suspect, is more drinks, less food.

      Actually, we always did OK with simple crabby things (fresh crab, soft-shells, crab cakes) and shrimp. Way expensive, but certainly edible. And a much more pleasant place to eat than The Ivy on Robertson.

      1. most of the dishes aren't so good but i absolutely love their lobster risotto. it's not on the menu but every time i've been there, it was available as a "special".