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Apr 9, 2008 09:27 PM

Grady Davids

Has anyone been to Grady Davids in Honeybrook? I know they opened a few months ago, but I haven't heard if it is any good. I believe it is the same owners as Kildares and Doc Magrogans in West Chester, It is located at the old Waynesbrook Inn. Any reviews?

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  1. I've been there for drinks and an appetizer of edaname, which I really enjoyed. They have several bars and the one we were in had high tables that you could fit about 8-10 people at. Staff was excellent IMO.

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      A bunch of my friends and I had a horrible first experience there when it first opened. Since then, my husband and I have gone back. I enjoy the downstairs bar for games, drinks and bar food. I love their fries. Typical bar food besides that. There is more information here look in the honey Brook forum.

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        wow, most of the reviews were pretty bad. I wonder if it has gotten any better now that it has been a few months. What a shame - I know everyone was so looking forward to a new place!

    2. I was there just a few days ago and had a wonderful meal. From the flatbread starter to the cedar plank salmon entree, everything was just right. And I can definitely recommend the chocolate chip cookie dough/ice cream dessert. The drinks were a little pricey, but generously sized, so it worked out. It wasn't a cheap meal, but I'd have to say that it was well worth the price. Also, the service was outstanding. Our server did her best to make sure everything was perfect, without being intrusive or pushy. She was very helpful with our questions about the menu and steered us toward exactly what we were looking for.

      I do have my doubts about it surviving in that location, but if it fails, it won't be because of the food, service or the facilities.

      The Waynebrook Inn also looked lovely. It's nice to see it reopened after all of these years. It looks like a lot of work was put into renovating it, and I hope it is successful.