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Maui trip restaurants review

Went to Maui for a week. I thought some of these info can help the next CH going to the island paradise.

Mama's Fish House is our first stop as our flight arrived at lunchtime. I still think lunch is really the best time to go there - easier to get a table close to the window for a view, and you can actually see the ocean (unlike if you go at night). I think it's our 4th or 5th time there. The prices increased again, and some of the prices are a bit astronomical now. Tropical drinks are $16, but an iced tea is a somewhat reasonable $3 alternative. My favorite go-to dish is the stuffed mahi with crab and lobster, and it's $50+ now. With that said, if you opt not to have the expensive drinks, and stick with sharing an appetizer and go without dessert, it's not too bad. Our tab with 2 ice teas, 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 1 kid's meal ($15) totals about $160 with tax and tip.

The food was ultra fresh and delicious as usual. We got the crabcake appetizer with a tomato based salsa and it was light and flavorful. Hubbie got the seared ahi which came with a kalua pork rice side. Service was good as usual and the view was just spectacular. We skipped dessert as we were going to try the Guri Guri.

Pictured are the mahi and the seared tuna.

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  1. Even the children's fried mahi was presented nicely.

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      Picture of the approach to Mama's (restaurant on left). This is why the stuffed mahi is $50+.

    2. Checked out Tasaka Guri Guri at the Maui Mall. I guess it's an acquired taste. The pineapple didn't taste like pineapple, and the strawberry didn't taste like strawberry. The texture was like a slushy ice cream. Can't say I care for it, but at least it's cheap - $1 for 2 little scoops.

      Went to Home Maid Bakery to load up on chocolate mochi, bread and other supplies for the week long stay. We went back during mid week in the morning to get the malasadas - and got the last batch of the morning.

      1. We dropped off our bags at the timeshare, and went to the Honokowai Okazuya & Deli to pick up some dinner. We got a small teri-steak, an ono with lemon and caper, and the salmon special with hoisin sauce. The prices were a tad higher than I expected from reading the posts (it was about $35 total), but more importantly, I don't think the food tasted that great. The hoisin sauce was mixed some sort of funky black bean and with a fishy salmon was not a good combination. The mixed veggies contains some pieces of canned bamboo shoots that impacted a funky taste overall.

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          We were not that impressed with the Honokowai Deli either. The take out at John Pauls was wonderful.

        2. Went to Sansei twice - once at 5:30PM to take advantage of the 25% off special, and other time just because.

          They relocated to a plaza on Office Road, not far from Ritz. The new location is much nicer - brighter and more spacious. Reservation ahead of time is an absolute must if you want to seat at a table; sushi bar is walk in only.

          We got the sashimi mix, yellow tail sushi, scallop sushi, the sushi combo, shrimp tempura and their special ahi sashimi roll (wrapped in spinach & argula, coated w/ panko and fried), and fried calamari first time. Tried the veggie tempura, mango crab roll, the seared cajun white tuna special and the ahi sashimi roll again the second time.

          Have to say - their selection of fish was very basic, and if you just order the normal sushi selection (salmon, tuna, etc.) it's really not that memorable. I do really like some of the special rolls and sashimi. The standouts were the ahi sashimi roll, the seared white tuna, the veggie tempura (has 3 asparagus spears). The not so good were the calamari and the mango crab with the weird thai chili sauce.

          1. Tried Mala Ocean Tavern for dinner. It's across from the Lahaina Cannery Mall on the oceanfront. Reservations is essential as it's really a very small restaurant. The menu have expensive fare, but we opted for the tavern dishes. I got the adult burger, son the junior. Hubbie got the healthier veggie/tofu/gabazo beans salad with a peanut sauce. They placed a bowl of salsa with green stuff and chips. At first I thought it was guac, but the green stuff turns out to be some sort of avocado nut mixture. Sort of on the weird side.

            The food was OK. Not too memorable for us to try again.

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              We loved Mala. When we were there the green stuff was an edemame puree, and we thought it was good. Also enjoyed the tuna bruschetta.

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                That could be. I didn't ask what the mystery green stuff with the salsa and chips was. Was guessing it's some nut with avocado mix in (because of the green color and some nutty taste), but edamame makes more sense. Either way, was not an improvement over guac.

            2. Too lazy to go out one night for dinner. Grab pizza from the fast food place at the Whaler's Village. The plus is that the crust is very crispy and did not get soggy during the 15 minute walk back to our villa. A medium pepperoni pizza is only $18 (cheap by Maui standards). The down side is that the pizza really is not that good.

              1. Went to Aloha Mixed Plate for dinner. I think it's like our third time. I really think the only things this place have going for it is the location and the price. It's like eating at a fast food joint, except with a view. Unfortunately the food is better at L&L. We got the lau lau plate and the mixed grill. Teri-chicken and beef was pretty salty. Portions are a little on the smaller side (we are not big eaters, so it's OK with us).

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                  We also had breakfast at Sea House Restaurant at Napili. The food was decent. They tried to be innovative, but still seems a little rough on the edges. The view was very nice though.

                  Had the loco moco variation, which is a cross between a regular loco moco and a biscuit and gravy. Basically the gravy has meat, and I also got biscuits along with rice. Tasty though.

                  Hubbie had the kalua pork special with egg and polenta. I think it's a bit strange, but not bad.

                  Best of all, even with the view the food was about $10 each, and they were good sized portions.

                2. Last dining out adventure in Maui is at Da Kitchen in Kahului. I guess just as Aloha's claim to fame is the view, Da Kitchen's is the portion size.

                  Every dish is enough to feed 2 people - explained why chicken katsu would be $10. We got the special garlic chicken, the chicken katsu, and the corn chowder/tuna sandwich combo. The garlic chicken is like orange chicken, and the batter was too soggy and it's not garlicky. The chicken katsu was good and crunchy, but had a ton of panko coating.

                  1. Lastly if you have access to a kitchen or BBQ and love gourmet food, it's worth checking out Maui Prime. It's at the Emerald Plaza near Lahaina Cannery Mall. Go up Keawe Street and keep going past the car wash. Tons of fresh seafood, kobe, kurabota pork, truffle, pasta, etc. The store is small, but has a good representation of key gourmet items.

                    Also Long's Drug Store at Lahaina Cannery carries beef from Maui Cattle Co. It's at the refridgerator case on the left side of the store. We got the last package when we went. The beef had a good beefy flavor, a tad leaner than I normally get but still tender enough.

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                      I had an excellent Maui Cattle Company hamburger at the Pineapple Grill in Kapalua for lunch. They cooked it a shade below medium rare, so it was very juicy and flavorful.

                    2. Make sure to try the Pa'ia Fish Market next time. I had excellent fish there - probably the same fish as Mama's without the overhead.

                      Paia Fish Market
                      100 Hana Hwy, Paia, HI 96779

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                        Amen But don't say it too loud. Don't want the market to get more crowded.