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Furaibo Review (a little long)

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Last night went to Furaibo in Little Tokyo/Japantown, located on 2nd Street right across from the village square. Truthfully can't remember where I saw this mentioned that inspired me to go, because I read so many food related things including this board. But the person described it as Japanese tapas which intrigued me.

Small unasuming location that also has a separate private room for parties. Service was good. Had an assortment of dishes, kind of in the tradition of Ita Cho, but without the scene or the price or the wait. We ate Beef Tataki which was amazing, sort of a beef carpaccio, but on the Japanese tip. Slightly seared, razor thin slices of beef served with thinly sliced onion, red radish and shizo leaf in a sort of vinegary/garlic/soy, light marinade. One of the best things I've ever tasted. Spinach w/ sesame and miso that was really good. Fried tofu in dashi broth. The tofu was perfectly light and fluffy and the dashi broth was so good we almost ordered another one. Skewered grilled pork with shizo leaf. Very flavorful medallions of pork that were wrapped with shizo leaf. First time having cooked shizo, it was tasty. And my least favorite but still very good, baked mackerel served with white radish. It was good, but nothing that special compared to the rest of the meal. Also had a really amazing cold sake, called something like Arabishi (spelled wrong). Served frozen so that it poured syrupy into the little cups and a large Saporro beer. Total bill for 2 including the alcohol came to about $41. What a deal. Highly recommend and will be going back soon.

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  1. I think I saw you there last night. But I didn't see your post until after I submitted. Haha!! The irony.

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      We go there all the time because it's quite close to where we live, but in my opinion, the only thing to have there is the chicken wings, which are their specialty. I have been underwhelmed by everything else they serve.