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Your Favorite Burger?

beef, turkey, whatever..... need some new burger ideas

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  1. Houstons in Maryland, Old Ebbit, and Palena.

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      How much does/should a great burger cost these days? I remember reading an article about burgers several years back, and they highly praised a $25 hamburger from a steak house in NYC.

      I liked Ollieburgers but I think they're pretty much extinct, or if not, surely they've changed in the last 25 years.

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        Please, forgive me for being an apparent shut-in, but where are these places? If they are in DC, I understand why I don't know where they are, being from Balto.

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          Most of them are in DC I believe.

      2. Houstons has the best burgers, the rolls are what make them outstandingand the best fries. Next are all the Black restaurants, including Black Market Bistro in Garret Park with those fabulous thin crunchy onion rings!

        1. I really like the Stoney Burger from, you guessed it, Stoney's, as well as those from Ollie's Trolley...
          Also, for a higher end burger, Marvin's (while I detested the service there) was superb...

          1. Palena hands down!

            I also had a pretty good turkey burger at Bar Louie awhile back while I was pretty surprised about.

            1. Sign of the Whale. Always cooked to order.

              Stoney's has a really good burger, but I usually opt for the strip steak sammitch.

              Ollie's isn't extinct yet. The one near the Warner Theater is still serving. And with that Ollie "sauce" too.

              The buffalo burger at Brickskellar can be really good or really dry, depending on the cook and sunspot activity.

              The bison burger at Ted's Montana Grill is one of the better chain burgers. I like it much better than Red Robin's or Clyde's.

              I was pleasantly suprised by the burger at Tortilla Cafe. At $5 with potato wedges included, I've had worse burgers at twice the price with NO fries included. I'm looking at you, Polly's.

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                I 2nd the biston burger at Ted's Montana Grill. It's pretty good.

                Also in terms of chains, I had a good turkey burger from Fudruckers the other night. It was well seasoned and cooked well. Plus I love their fries!

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                  Ollie's! the Bacon Cheeseburger is narcotic.

                  12 near E and L near 15 (both NW - the 12 st. seems better for some reason)

                2. At the high end, I like Palena and Central. And for a twist, the shrimp burger at Central.

                  For plain-old every-day burgers, Urban Burger rocks.

                  1. I agree with the Stoney's rec.

                    The new Herndon outpost of Foster's does very well on burgers - had one yesterday. I'm not so plussed with the Vienna location that's been there awhile, but the Herndon one has made me a fan again.

                    Jimmy's in Herndon also does a very good burger, but I think there are brighter stars on the menu.

                    1. +1 for Urban Burger!!!! Always fresh, juicy and they cook Medium Rare burgers!!!

                      1. Eat Bar has the best burger in my book.

                        Also Palena is pretty good, but I would be more happy with Eat Bar and about as happy with Cheeburger Cheeburger, especially because Palena doesn't have the fry plate every night and the frings at Cheeburger Cheeburger are soo good.

                        Ted's bison burger really is pretty good too, agree with above posters on that. IF I am going to Central I am not wasting my time on a burger they have too much other good stuff. Unless you get to eat there really often.

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                          I second Eat Bar, a lesson in perfection by simplicity and quality ingredients.

                        2. i have a suggestion for turkey burgers at home...does that count? I found that to counteract the dryness of ground turkey breast, if you put some veggies like onion,green & red pepper & shrooms in your food processor and grind them up and add them to the raw meat, along with half an envelope-an envelope of onion soup mix (depending on how much meat you have) and mix it up, and make your patties by hand (not too much handling) they will stay alot moister than just plain turkey breast. I usually grill whole wheat buns or a portobello to use as a bun and you have a healthy burger meal and get some of your daily veggies to boot! If you make some baked fries to go with (sweet potato ones are great too) you're in business! The cold beer that you wash it down with won't seem indulgent at all...

                            1. We went to Foster's in Herndon a couple of times--even giving it some time to get its act together after opening--and weren't impressed at all by their burgers. Both times they were dry and overcooked. So unless something has changed for the better, we won't be back.

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                                I only discovered it maybe 6-8 weeks ago and have been 3-4 times. I've seen how they've improved as far as processes, though at lunch it takes a while to get your order (during the week).

                                I'm on the other end where I've never been impressed with the Vienna location. I even went there once since I went to Herndon to see if some other perception was clouding things.

                                But, at the end, we're all open to our perceptions.

                              2. ....I'm surprised no one said five guys?
                                and i'd go with ollie's too, if we're getting gritty

                                1. Try "The Quarry House" in Silver Spring at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Bonifant Street. I had a very good burger there just last week (nicely topped with cheese and grilled onions). I'm not sure if they still do it, but years ago they said they bought their meat daily from Snyder's Market and ground it at the tavern.

                                  With tater tots, the burger ran about $8.00.

                                  Decent selection of draft beers and a strong selection of bottles.

                                  1. Whitlows has great burgers. I personally am a fan of the veggie burger (it has really good water chestnuts in it).

                                    Elevation burger is pretty good for a fast-food type restaurant. Their half guilt burger is pretty good.