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Apr 9, 2008 08:35 PM

breakfast, lunch and dinner near palmer house hilton

will be visiting the first weekend in May to hear some great jazz. staying @ palmer house hilton. what do you recommend within walking distance? budget roughly $15 pp lunch, $50 pp dinner. would like wine/beer option with dinner. we're open to a wide variety of cuisines, except very spicy or highly unusual/exotic. one of the jazz clubs we'll be frequenting is the green mill, so if you particularly like some dinner options near that club, please suggest as well. for breakfast, we'd be happy with grab and sit option with tea, pastry, cereal, juice, bagel, etc. no desire for bacon and eggs or anything too heavy. also, may need late night option near hotel after clubs close. pizza, burger, hot dog, sandwich or something like that. thanks!

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  1. For breakfast recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

    For lunch recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

    For dinner recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

    For cheap eats recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

    For late night recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

    1. Boy -- are you in luck -- there are a splendid variety of restaurants around the green mill -- next door you have the gay sports bar crew -- a little north the fat cat lounge across the street silver seafood keeping to the east side of b'way, north of silver seafood in the mall there is a inexpensive and good vietnamese restaurant, farther north again, thai pastry --- still tending north, there's the tank noodle at argyle & b'way -- if you wander down argyle a gamut of good asian (vietnamese/chinese mostly) restaurants

      1. If you're interested in something a little higher end near the GM, consider Marigold-- Indian cuisine (with a fairly respectable wine list), but not too spicy:

        Also, I will second Silver Seafood, right across the street from GM, when of the better Chinese restaurants in Chicago outside of Chinatown. I'm pretty sure they serve varieties of beer, altho many of the Thai, Viet, and Chinese options further up Broadway do not have liquor licenses.

        1. thanks hounds! took a look at the menus of silver's seafood and marigold, and i think we would very much enjoy both of those suggestions. they are located near the green mill, correct? closer to the hotel, the recommended chowhound posts suggest atwood cafe as one good choice. agreed? also, does pizanos offer pizza by the slice? do you know how late they're open on Fri and Sat eves? What restaurants other than Atwood cafe would you recommend for lunch or dinner near our hotel? also, do you like the restaurant located in the hotel? thanks.

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            Other restaurants near the Palmer House for lunch or dinner that I'd recommend are Trattoria No. 10, for northern Italian food, The Gage, a "gastro pub," and Russian Tea Time (Russian food).

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              Yes, Silver Seafood and Marigold are near the Green Mill. Yes, Atwood Cafe is excellent. See the links above for additional recommendations for lunch and dinner near the hotel. According to Pizano's website at their location on Madison near the hotel is open till 2 a.m. every night except Saturday night, when it is open till 3 a.m. Lockwood ( ), in the hotel, is new so you won't find many comments on it here (I haven't been there either).

            2. ok. thanks, masha. i've made note of your rec's and will see if i can take a look at some menus on the web.