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Apr 9, 2008 08:23 PM

Great dry aged prime steak

I have posted earlier about an upcoming trip to your great city. There is a huge variety of steak houses mentioned in replies and researching your posts. And I mean a HUGE NUMBER of places. It seems that there is nothing approaching a steak consensus.

I am looking for a great (really good works, too) steak. My two all time favorites were a NY strip from Gene & Georgetti about 15+ years ago and a Tuscan steak in Florence/Firenze a couple years ago. I also cook and grill a lot at home and have cooked/grilled some great beef, including dry aged and grass fed.

So, I hope to get a steak to talk (and not brag about) and remember for at least a few years. Scene is not important- actually less or no scene is preferred. Decent wine list and sides are a plus.

Please help a Californian looking for a quintessential midwestern/Chicago experience.

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  1. Rather that just say, "Use the search function, there are a lot of threads about this" (and there are) I'd start with David Burke's Primehouse. Or check out Mortons/Gibsons/Saloon/Chop House/Custom House and all the others that you can read a lot about.

    1. Before a recent trip I was given two very nice gift certificates to the capital Grill. I was a little hesitant as I am no fan of the unit here in Troy. However we had an absolutly excellent meal at the Chicago location. Superb service and a 45 day dry aged cowboy rib eye that was perfect. A very good wine list. The one thing I really enjoy about the Capital grill is the gentlemans club style decor.

      1. You are correct; there is no consensus whatsoever regarding the best steak in Chicago (unlike, say, New York, where most folks will immediately mention Peter Luger's). However, you're welcome to read the opinions in the most extensive discussion of Chicago steakhouses, in the topic at It includes links to the websites of just about all the big ones. It also has some discussion about which ones dry age their steaks.