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Apr 9, 2008 08:11 PM

vegas Qs: tasting and before/after show dinner

greetings vegas hounds,

we're coming to vegas (staying at bellagio) for just 2 nights in june and having a hard time deciding on dinner. one night we'd like to do a tasting menu (for our anniversary), and the other night, we'll probably go to a show and dinner. so... I've got a few questions for you. any advice is appreciated. thanks in advance!

1. tasting menu -- michael mina is in our hotel, but the menu at nobhill looks a little more exciting. alex may be a bit more than we want to spend. based on my research here, it seems like nobhill would be a good choice. how does it compare with other tasting menus? comfortable setting? any other ideas?

2. showtime -- seems like it's hard to have a good dinner after even an early show (at 10pm). am I mistaken? any recommendations? or, should we go to a later show instead and go to an early dinner nearby? we may go to see "love" at the mirage -- is there anything nearby so we don't worry about rushing?

3. brunch buffet at bellagio -- yay or nay? it's right there, but I hear wynn's is good too... (I've seen other threads on brunch buffets, but not many mention bellagio...)

many thanks again!

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  1. ok, nevermind Q#3 unless you know something about wynn's -- I just read the "smackdown" and now would go to paris over bellagio for bk-fast buffet... good to know. thanks.

    1. We saw Mama Mia at Mandalay which ended at 10pm and then hopped a cab for the Venetian and dined at B&B for a 10:30 reservation. Worked out great.

      1. We ate at Nob Hill in September and loved it. We are going back this Saturday for the tasting menu--I will report back. BTW, we have had Sunday brunch at Mandalay Bay buffet we thought it was very good--lots of crab legs. The room is great also.

        1. the line for the paris buffet is insane. belaggio's buffet is excellent! we saw love i think it was an 8pm show so we had an early dinner first.