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Apr 9, 2008 07:22 PM

Is Harvest Moon open yet? (cousin of Harvest)

I see there is a sign up over the door over the former Chart House in Hastings, but can't tell while zooming by on the train if Harvest Moon is open. Any news from Chowhounders in the know?



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  1. We were at the Harvest Saturday night and they said it should be open some time in May.

    1. It's actually called "Half Moon" -- the name of Henry Hudson's boat. And it will be opening in May on the spectacular waterside location once occupied by the defunct Chart House. In fact I see where they're interviewing waitstaff this week.

      For a sneak peek, check out

      esp. the lobster roll!!!

      This place could give Peter and Ned Kelly a run for their money. From the creators of Harvest on Hudson.

      (And RIP the pathetic Chart House!!!! The seafood was as awful as the view was awesome... not just here but in Fertitta's entire chain of Chart Houses across the country. Maybe some seafooder will soon take over the abandoned Chart House on the Mianus near 95.)

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        I called them tonight - they open on May 18.