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Muffins San Diego

Where should I get a muffin and what kind?

ha - I love this post

Anywhere I can just get a top of a muffin? lol

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  1. Watching Seinfeld again?

    I realize you're joking around, but the baked goods at Rebecca's in South Park are, how you say, off the chain? Scones rock and the muffins look awesome.

    1. Bread and Cie also makes some good muffins with raspberries, and their scones aren't bad - Rebecca's are better though.

      1. I'm so glad you said 'top of a muffin' instead of 'muffin top'. :P

        Bread and Cie makes a good one with blackberries, too. And though I haven't tried them yet, a friend of mine says Charlie's Breads in PB makes amazing muffins.

        1. I just tried Marvelous Muffins on Shelter Isl. - not worth it - maybe it was because I missed the morning selection... but not so marvelous

          1. Try the carrot muffin at Influx, it's kind of like carrot cake with a little dried fruit and nuts in it.
            They're popular, so you have to get there early if you want one.

            1. Rebecca's but don't expect too much from the coffee

              1. UCSD catering often has a few "tops of muffins" sprinkled in their muffin / pastry selections, but I doubt that is very useful information for you.

                1. I'm no muffin expert but Costco's are pretty good.

                  If you want to make your own muffin tops, Williams-Sonoma sells the muffin top pans....

                  1. Bristol Farms in UTC (Costa Verde plaza) sells tops of muffins.
                    They're baked fresh each morning and they're pretty good.

                    1. Tartine in coronado has the best scones, I tried Rebecca and they were hockey pucks compared to Tartine's...give them a try seriously.

                      Marvelous muffins were ok but I did like their low fat versions. Maybe b/c they weren't so low fat :)