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Your favorite sandwiches in Miami, Miami Beach?

Mine included the pastrami on seedless rye with a schmear of chopped liver at Rascal House and now also includes the Village Voice at The Daily- Italian tuna (no mayo) with white bean and arugula with honey mustard on good hearty multigrain. This sandwich is like an opera in my mouth- yum!

I've had a lovely wrap with avocado and juicy chicken at Pineapple Tea Room on Biscayne.

I would love to find a place that serves carozza- Italian grilled cheese sandwiches.

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  1. Chowfather got me hooked on the tuna salad sandwich at epicure.

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      Heads up for all "low carbers" I've heard from a very reliable source that the epicure tuna salad has bread in it. That's what gives it sweetness. That being said, if if you don't mind the extra bread it certainly is delicious.

    2. The turkey w/ asian pear, brie, and mango chutney at Books & Books on Lincoln Rd.

      The falafel pita with everything and hots at Pita Plus on Washington.

      Jalepeno Cheeseburger at the Food Love Cafe on the sand of the beach at about 18th-19th st.

      1. Does a semi-home-made creation from leftovers count? We recently had Bar-B-Que Beach do the food for one of the kids' birthdays, and while the ribs, chicken and brisket went like hotcakes, we ended up with a good bit of leftover pulled pork. (1) warm some leftover BBQ sauce in pan; (2) add generous portion of leftover pulled pork; (3) warm through until pork gets all nice and tender again; (4) slap on a split toasted hoagie roll; (5) pile leftover cole slaw on top; (6) enjoy.

        As close as I've gotten to the legendary Johnny V rib meat hoagie.

        I actually think BBQ Beach have something very similar to my creation on the regular menu, the "Carolina Piggie" and "Memphis Piggie" sandwiches.

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          This reminds me of one of my favorite sandwiches in Tallahassee: The GoldenQue at Tiny's...pulled pork, coleslaw, a mustard BBQ sauce between two slices of texas toast...Yum.

        2. I thought I'll throw this one in - but I haven't yet tried it. My Cuban friend likes the Cuban sandwich at Sarussi's in Hialeah more than Luis Galindo's Latin American Cafeteria by FIU (which is supposed to have a good reputation) because Sarussi's make their own bread (not sure if all locations make their own breads).

          Meanwhile, my other friend, from India, who is a big sandwich fan (much more than myself), swears by the sandwich place at the Dominion Tower in the Health District / Civic Center. He had been on a hunt for good sandwiches in Miami for years.

          1. Tinta y Cafe has an "Italiano" sandwich with prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil, roasted red peppers on a baguette and grilled in the press that's really wonderful. W wine Bistro has a croque monsieur that is so rich and delcious you might need cardiac valve replacement surgery immediately after eating. And for probably the best bread in town for any sandwiches, Perricone's take out (Tuesday special 2 sandwiches + 2 drinks for $11, cheaper than nasty Subways). I am not a pork eater, but my friends tell me the deconstructed Cuban sandwich at Bin 18 is great, and for a real authentic Cuban sandwich, try El Pub on Calle Ocho,

            Tinta Y Cafe
            276 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

            Perricone's Marketplace & Cafe
            15 SE 10th St, Miami, FL 33131

            Bin Number 18
            275 NE 18th St # 107, Miami, FL

            W Wine Bistro
            3622 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

            El Pub
            1548 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

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              I second the deconstructed Cuban at Bin 18. Their French dip is quite good as well.

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                I third the deconstructed Cuban at Bin 18. Jaja!

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                  Fourth! Also the sandwiches in Gusto Fino, Coral Gables are fantastic

            2. Tunafish salad sandwich @ Epicure
              Salami Provolone w/ their sauce @ Le Sandwicherie
              Meatball Parm @ Macaluso's Market
              Pressed Duck Confit sandwich @ Maison d'Azur (on the small side but very good)

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                The mahi wrap at Michael's is delicious and the shrimp with bacon that they brought by accident and then whisked away definitely looked like my next endeavor!

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                  I thought the OP was asking Miami Beach only. I need to amend my response to include the pulled pork sandwich at Michael's Genuine.

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                    Chowfather, have you tried that shrimp sandwich? It looked amazing. I guess I'll have to put the pulled pork on my agenda, as well.

              2. The mahi wrap at Michaels for sure, as well as their falafel and burger
                Turkey meatloaf heated on panini at Gardners
                steak sandwich at Clarke's

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                  Sorry, the place to get falafel at Pita Pit on Washington and approx 12th. I havent had a better falafel pita anywhere!

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                    Try the falafel at Michael's for lunch, you may sing a different tune after.

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                      If they had lunch on the wknd Id give it a shot but Im much too far away for a weekday trip...

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                        Went to Michaels tonite and was too distracted by the double yolk egg and the grouper cheek to remember the falafel (side dish)... I gotta remember that next time!

                2. I love the mahi sandwich at Garcia's and the prosciutto at Happy Wines.

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                    Ooohh....it looks like I am going to have to go to Michael's for lunch soon!

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                      I second the prosciutto at Happy Wine; I also love the tuna at La Sandwicherie with cornichons and their vinaigrette.

                    2. I also love Garcia's Mahi Mahi Sandwhich. Someone took me there last week and I've been craving it ever since. I have to tell you the worst sandwhich and service to top it off is La Estancia in North Miami Beach...don't even bother walking in there.

                      1. Two places in the upper eastside that have amazing sandwiches are UVA 69 on Biscayne and 69th street for lunch ( the El Pollo is my favorite) and Karma Carwash on Biscayne and about 71st Street. Karma's sandwiches are simple and fresh, my favorite is the pressed salami and manchego. Something about their bread makes the sandwiches irresistible!!!!

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                        1. I have to say, I visited Brosia with my wife and only good things sandwichy happened. I had a "spanish burger" special. A 1/2lb slab o medium rare beef, topped with grilled eggplant, peppers, olives and manchego cheese. In my book, any time you add olives to a hamburger, how can it not be good? The wife had chicken breast and prosciutto on a baguette with fig jam, fontina and arugula. Both sandwiches were excellent and we will certainly return. Service was spot on as well.

                          BTW: We planned on going to Michael's Genuine. So we show up at 11:45 and there are about 20 empty tables outside. The hostess asks if we have reservations. Well, no, we don't. So she says we can have 38, a table inside by the kitchen. I ask for an outside table. "Oh they are all full," she says, "Reservations at 12 and 12:30." Mind you, 20 tables outside are empty. I let her know we won't be staying. I just don't like that Michaels has lost its neighborhood feel. She made me feel like I should be privileged to be seated without a reservation. Is this really what Michael wants?

                          Dear moderator: This post is sandwich related because I was planning on ordering the Mahi wrap at Michael's.