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Jul 1, 2002 01:41 AM


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Any one try a new restaurant in Santa Monica,CA on Sta. Monica Blvd called Sham? Mediterranean?

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  1. Its a great find - Jehad is Syrian and serves real Syrian food including fresh made pita - we've been several times, love the food, the buzz, the charming room (the decoration, music) and the warm reception from Chef and his wife. They also take the LA Times Gusto card.

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    1. re: Zoe

      Please tell about LA Times Gusto card & how to get it.

      1. re: Gourmetta

        If you have home delivery of the Times you can get the card - they have a long list of participating restaurants each week on Thursday in the Restaurant section of Calendar. Some restaurants are 25% off on the bill, many are 20% (like Sham and All India Cafe, really good places without the discount, dynamite with it). Call the circulation dept of the Times and they will enroll you. (I think that's the dept. anyhow they just sent us a new card).

        1. re: Zoe

          We will definitely check this out, thanks.

          1. re: Gourmetta

            A couple of things you might want to know about this Gusto card thing:
            1. Times told me the only way to get the card is to allow them to automatically charge your credit card for the paper every so often. They also said that if you take this option, the invoices you receive will be a post card that WILL NOT REVEAL THE RATE YOU ARE BEING CHARGED PER WEEK.
            2. The only way to find out what restaurants are participating is to find the information in weekday editions of the L.A.Times- where, I don't know. I only subscribe to weekend papers and found out the hard way about this.
            Good luck! Incidentally, once you subscribe, never cancel, or the Times will consider you fair game for calls every other evening during dinnertime to solicit you

            1. re: G

              Gawd, I've subscribed to the Times since the century before last and they still call me from time to time asking me if I want home delivery, so much for technology. However they do send me a real bill saying do not pay and what the rate is they charged on the credit card. The Gusto list is published on Thursday with the restaurant reviews. So many restaurants are listed as "NEW" when in fact they have been listed for weeks before. But certainly in my neighborhood - west of Beverly Glen, there are a lot of choices and all the restaurants we have tried have been very gracious about accepting the card.

    2. Sham is really a wonderful little rest. I see it empty sometimes, can't imagine why as the food is SO much better than most around downtown Santa Monica.(?? Have you ever tried the falafel plate at Swingers?? Yeech.)
      That said, PLEASE try Sham, I don't want them to go out of business. The chicken shwarma is the best, so much better than Zankow. The lunch plates are a deal. Or go for dinner with friends and order the platter size servings to share, also a steal. Like Zoe says, their pitas are baked there fresh..yum.

      1. what is the address and phone number of this place? thanks!

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          Its on SM Blvd, south side about 7th street. Good street parking, don't know the phone number off hand but they are open very late at night as well, like about l am.