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Apr 9, 2008 05:44 PM

Orlando - Looking for preshow meal by downtown

Going to the Iron & Wine show Friday night. Looking for suggestions for a restaurant around 6 pm Friday that is near the venue (The Plaza Theater - 425 North Bumby Avenue). Anything close that is not that expensive with a good variety to grab some dinner and drinks (yeah, I guess I am asking a lot) Thanks.

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  1. hoolihan's is right there in colonial plaza...i've always liked their food, large selection and full bar. also, a black down at primrose and colonial is il pescatore, good italian!

    1. I haven't been there yet, but read great reviews on this board for the Drunken Monkey. Its relatively close to the theater, too.

      1. I'm thinking the Funky Money ( ) was the Monkey with the great reviews, so many monkeys!! It's not as close to The Plaza as The Drunken Monkey, but might be worth the extra mile or two since the fare is pretty extensive.

        Funky Monkey Chowhound reviews

        Drunken Monkey Chowhound reviews

        Thornton Park is close, so Fifi's ( ) and Midnight Blue ( ) are a close drive, menus are online to scope out pricing.

        Plenty of great Vietnamese places at mills/colonial and great traditional Chinese and Dim Sum at Mings Bistro on Mills.

        Mings Bistro
        1212 Woodward St # 6
        Orlando, FL 32803
        (407) 898-9672

        There is *really good* Pizza in the colonial Marketplace at L'il Anthony's which is right next to Too Jays. (Hubby and I used to eat there all of the time when we lived in College Park, bypassing the great Alphonso's)

        Il Pescatore (Italian) ( is a good bet and Bravisimo ( ) is right around the corner.

        Hope that helps, enjoy the show!

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          I agree with'll be super close to Thornton Park so might as well head on over. Both Dexters and Shari Sushi have great happy hours on Fridays....
          Also, a quick warning: I know two people who have had identity theft issues after eating at the if you go make sure you pay in cash!