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Apr 9, 2008 05:10 PM

The Prime Rib, DC

Today I was hosted at the PR on K St. First time, although I have heard much about the place.
Nice decor, pianist, attentive maitre'd, etc.
The wait staff were average, but this was all moot. The food was dreadful; bland caesar salad made from white hunks of lettuce, the bread was hot and as soft as a sponge cake and as much flavor.
I had the halibut and rice and broccoli. It all tasted like - nothing at all. Tasteless overpriced and pretentious. My host has the prime rib and it was a flabby chuck o meat with mashed potatoes that looked like paste and creamed spinach. Does anyone really like this stuff?
I will not go back even if I someone else is paying.

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  1. I'm really surprised to hear this. When my bf took me here for lunch everything was filled with flavor. The prime rib (a cut I barely ever order) was incredible. I usually like my meat cooked medium but the waiter (who was a riot, lots of fun stories about the restaurant...I should mention it was a slow day and a later lunch so he spent more time chatting with us between courses then he probably usually would) recommended it a bit more pink and it was fine. The juice was delicious, no sauce required. The sides were excellent as well, including creamed spinach, corn, and mashed potatos. My bf has a really good chicken piccata. The only thing better then the steak was the delicious key lime pie.

    In my opinion its an old school establishment with classy service and food.

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      I agree with Elyssa.
      Grovel, yes I like their stuff (for special occaisions) and many others do, too... try getting a table without a reservation any night of the week at 8pm. I think their lobster bisque is world class and their prime rib is incredible. My sister, who doesn't eat redmeat loves their oysters and always enjoys the broiled fish. Where else do the waiters sing opera? From my many, many experiences at PR , I think you had a rare bad night .

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      1. Somehow, I don't think fish is the Prime Rib's real strength.

        With some steakhouses, the seafood is either an afterthought or just something to appease the non-meat-eater. I think Prime Rib falls in this category.

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          I've not tried them, but I've heard from people I trust that their crabcakes are quite good. I go for the big hunk of meat though.

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            I should probably add that I've only been to the Baltimore location. Not sure if there's any difference or not.

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              I've been to both. They're nearly identical in overall decor, menu, service, etc. I if you had a great/crappy meal at one, you're like to have the same at the other.

              I also love how half the posts to this thread have been deleted by the moderators. You guys have your work cut out for you!

          2. re: monkeyrotica

            I was thinking the same thing. If you are not a meat eater, probably your best bet is to go with chicken (as I mentioned their chicken piccata was great). Another choice would be crab cakes or something along those lines. You could always ask the waiters what they would recommend for non-redmeat eaters

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            1. Again, why would you order fish at the PRIME RIB? I'm stunned.....