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Apr 9, 2008 04:55 PM

Camargue Red Rice: Any Opinions?

Has anyone tried this and did you think it was very special? Thanks much.

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  1. I love it. Good nutty flavour.

    Only slight drawback is that it's not quick to cook - about 35 minutes or so

    1. I really liked it. It had the nuttiness of a brown rice without the dryness. However, I find it quite expensive. $5 for 10 oz [$8/lb). I would like to find a better resource for it.

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        oooh, maybe you'll be happy with this, though, as usual, it's the shipping cost that will get you!:

      2. Just tried it today. I probably picked it up in Marshall's in their gourmet department. Anyway, I was going to make risotto, but decided to use the red rice. Instead of following the method for risotto, I decided to go with set and forget. With chicken, mushrooms, and green beans, I added 2-1/2 cans broth to the the rice, set it on medium, and covered the pot. An hour later, the rice still had not absorbed all the broth (3-1/2 cans chicken stock in all to 13 oz rice) and was very firm with a crunchy center. Though I modified the recipe, I followed the directions. Either I did something wrong, or this was the consistency. I'll try it one more time if I find it.

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          I was desperately trying to find it a couple of months ago in order to make a salad of quinoa and red rice. The recipe's author said to buy Camargue red rice, but I only could find, all these miles away from France in California, Bhutanese red rice.

          I used it and the salad turned out really well. The rice was boiled in lots of water for 30 minutes. It came out crunchy but not hard to bite or tough.

          I wonder if there's any difference between these two rices.

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