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Apr 9, 2008 04:31 PM

Dinner in chinatown (calgary

Any rec's for a dinner in China town for 6 ladies?

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  1. CF, I think the paucity of response here might be because (1) there are already tons of posts and threads about fave Chinatown places, and (2) aside from your being among "six ladies," you don't give any more clues as to what you're looking for. Are there places in Chinatown that can accommodate six ladies (gents, goths, emos, drag queens, whatever)? Yes, of course, Chinatown is all about managing large groups.

    I like lots of places in Chinatown- Han's, Harbour City, Calgary Court, Golden Inn.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      I am sure there are many posts about this, but search was down at the time.

      1. re: John Manzo

        LOL...I want to know about the spots that accomodate "drag queens" John...does that mean I have to leave my wife back in Edmonton on that trip? [smile]

      2. Really depends what you're looking for...

        If you're looking for a more traditional chinese dinner (several shared dishes with steamed rice), I would recommend Harbour City, Ho Won (great food ... the Lobster in cream sauce and the Salt and Pepper Squid are a MUST have, just don't expect a nice atmosphere or service ... ), Bobby Chao's.
        If you're looking for more informal (individual dishes, noodles, fried rice), try MBA Noodle House, U&Me, Calgary Court.

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          I was in Cowgary last week and tried out MBA Noodle House since I was staying nearby. Not sure if its the kind of place that canadianfoodie with 6 women would want to spend a long stretch of time in, as the place was very basic and very informal, but the food was pretty tasty - had a duo of BBQ duck and pork served on a bed of rice.