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Apr 9, 2008 04:29 PM

Moved up the street, changed Route to work - Help needed in SD

Ok, my fiance has been in OB for about 4 years -
he was a regular at the drive-through coffee hut at CABLE/VOLTAIRE (not the one at Bacon)
and We really liked the bagels and breakfast sandwiches at the Donut shop next to Thai Bistro on Sunset Cliffs.

Now that we've moved we are much closer to the Midway/sportsarena Area - near Vons and Thai Time II.
So - any thoughts on Good Coffee (non-starbucks) - and preferably drive-thru (again, not starbucks) and Good bagels/Breakfast sandwiches - again prefer to go with a mom + pop, not Einstein's.

Also, I know there are a ton of little hole-in-the wall restaurants along midway - Are any of them recommendable?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. *BUMP*

      really ? Nobody has an place along Midway?

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      1. re: SRosie

        You might have specified Midway in the title of your subject...

        1. re: SRosie

          Mardi Gras Cafe is passable for Louisianna style on midway, nice hot sauce selection for sale, and I like "the turk" sub at Gaglione Bros. on West Point Loma.

        2. All my coworkers rave about the new phils bbq, make sure you order ahead though, the wait sucks.

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          1. re: jennywenny

            I don't like Phils as much as BBQ House on Newport - and that largely has to do with the wait and the customer service.
            Seriously, last time we went to Phils, we got there about 45 min. before they closed on a week-night, so we walked right up to the counter and STILL Had to wait over 25 min. for our food. - even though we were "qouted" (on the reciept) at 15-20.
            Maybe it's because I've been in food service and customer service - but that's just bad service.